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Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by MM-One4s, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. There should be rewards when you login.

    I think it would be a good idea even if there spread out like 1 week= reward 2 week= reward etc.

    1 week= 2 xtals
    2 week= 10 nobility

    Even if you just got 1 nobility for logging in every day it would still work.
  2. Support
  3. Maybe KaW should do like a daily spin, and the rewards would include Nobs, xtals , gold or a special item/equipment, or like a banner
    Maybe players could even spend money to spin more then once per day.
  4. I support this,

    Although in truth I doubt this will get implemented. If not for the introduction of aevum circle pieces I would have had a glimmer of hope for a daily nobility point.
  5. I hope they add something like this ... cmon devs reward active players
  6. Support except for the pay for more spins
  7. That's a great idea tho.Speaking of banners,we want a banner event,Bruce! lol
  8. ATA give stuff away? funniest thread i've seen in a while :lol:
  9. I mean, that's in PiMD so they might do it. PiMD had the legends system before KaW did.
  10. I support this but not no equipment tho ebs and events drop equipment. Maybe inferno, ete.
  11. Have you not noticed all the additional drops that you get through the Legends?
  12. I want some doctors notes and some credits for login each hour yes I'm greedy but I like it that way also a hypno cat every 2 days for everyone would be very much appreciated.
  13. Support