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Discussion in 'Wars' started by SelfisH, Jul 15, 2015.

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  1. llIl---Illl--SJ--lllI---IllI


    Casted multiple accounts for war. Opened up PS, leaked all war.

    KaW players tired of thie BS ruining your wars?

    no wonder lots are complaining about indi wars. turds like this ruin wars for many. its even worse now that rosters are 25 people. our final score was 58 to 105 bil as he opened his own PS on our roster and allowed his team to xstal and dump troops.

    more and more people don't want to wc or track because of people like this. it waste hours of our time and money as well. I know others from this war will post SS and I do encourage it. I cant wait for asw this weekend or s5 when it is full of this BS.
  2. I heard he leaked on both sides.
  3. didn't they state awhile back this isn't against tou
  4. Youre an idiot
  5. I assume you actually emailed the devs and didn't just make a forum rant.
  6. hard to leak and attack build on the other side
  7. The devs probably told him to run it through forums first. :lol:
  8. I assume you organized a strip of both of his accounts as well.
  9. hereo i got the auto responder so yes basically useless
  10. I mean lets be real. 58b to 105b.. because he leaked? Even if he didnt leak you would have lost. You didnt lose by 50b because of one person.
  11. Another whiner
  12. The first one finally posted. Bad Service -.-
  13. Very easy for indies to go south once people realize there is no hope
  14. Yeah why bother at the 15 minute mark down 78 to 55
  15. If you have 25 people crystal on an open PS you can easily make 40 B from them all
  16. Theres a lot more to it than that.

    Theres the gold he didn't make.

    Theres the gold that was lost cause he was a free sko.

    Would that account for 50+ bill? I dunno, but once you start losing ground and you know you cant do anything about it people stop trying. Some might not want to waste there xtals. Some might just give up.
  17. 45 minute mark we were down 49 15 already you want to talk about wanting to throw in the towel....
  18. The fools that come in and make excuses for them are as bad as the turds that are ruining wars.
  19. That he did
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