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  1. I'm returning to the game after some time not playing and they now have the low land wars. I spent quite some time trying to read about it but honestly most threads get trolled and good questions get lost. Is there a beginners guide or tutorial on these wars that isn't trashed with complaints/ post padding etc? My clan has explained them and I think I understand them but getting the answers I need to understand hasn't been easy. If there was a more friendly guide to the mechanics of them you might get more activity in them. Thanks in advance for any help and sorry if I missed anyone's post that might cover my questions.
  2. BUILD:20 sos 4 sdt

    1)sign up with a FFA clan
    2)cast WOC
    3)ignore whatever they tell u in cc scout the lowest towered player on other side. Skim until u have about 40 actions then unload to sko(u want 60 in total)
    4)Enjoy your 300 items
    5)drop a seal for me when you get top 50 with minimal activity following this guide(just repeat same stuff in Indi)
  3. Nightsky's first useful forum post ever
  4. Pm me if u need to know about ll wars,im willing to share my knowledge and help you ;)
  5. Or read " EE war guide" by seth
  6. What's wrong with my guide? :(

    Didnt wanna make its own thread because there are already a lot of 'best of' threads.
  7. Foxy?? Experience?? Next joke ty.
    Pm foxy if u wanna learn the art of panic dumping troops and tanking spies vs ps1