LL war idea!!

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  1. Hi guys!!
    Because LL war are really funny and it’s a wonderful way
    to have big and small on the same level, I would like to know if it’s possible make just for LL war clan wars like 3 years ago instead of have random players that join on LL just for actions... unfortunately LL can’t be won if you have just 1 inactive player can affect the war too much.
    Hope a few other people will follow my 💡!!!
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  2. Support. Clan wars need to be brought back in some way and this was a great way for it to make a comeback

    Please devs give clan wars back
  3. We need this for all wars. Support! Some matchups are plain ridiculous, we had 8 ps yesterday and opponents had only 1.
  4. No support, we all could see how the low land clans monopolized the rostas having prestige players in one clan makes no sense what ever ! The current system at least gives those who wish to dip their toes in for the first time half a chance at a win
  5. Rostered war clan serious vs ffa, no difference in ur complain lol, another clan will just get actions,what we need now is more people to participate wars
  6. And the only way to get more to war is make the match ups a tad fairer and the rewards a lot better, not for the tops but in general
  7. Nah the only way to bring people in is having good reward!! Something that you can't get hitting epics!!
  8. It would be clan vs clan not clan vs ffa.

  9. Before LL can truely be clan v clan, you need more people to parcipitate. Previous LL clan war was Clan v Alts as there were not many clans casting.

    I support better rewards to bring back all those war-holics we used to have. They all lost interest due to rewards not worth chasing. I suggest copy Eb rewards to War rewards. Dev already have items sorted out, just need very minimum effort to make them same. This will bring back few war-holics to chase.
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  10. I no lifed this game when LL wars were popular and everyone was scrambling to get a roster together. I’ll never forget running PS1 at the clan Role Models. :)
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