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  1. What builds can you do on your lowlands and which builds are the best to use like what are their pros and cons? Also whats the easiest way to get good equipment?
  2. Ps1 because of the reason... Ps1 :lol:
  3. Ps1,1 tl/coe with 23 sos,everything is a pro,need fast people to use
  4. Pure attack is by far the best 24 Titan lairs all lv 1. Go do b2b warbeast for the best EQ
  5. How well do gh builds work in these wars?
  6. they don't
  7. 3 main builds i know of:

    Tank. Basically towered attack build. Attack mech.

    Hybrid. Balanced build with towers and Hybrid mech.

    PS1/PS2. Hansels with 1 or 2 troop buildings, usually Titan Lairs. Hansel mech.

    LL wars is kinda rock, paper, scissors depending on your roster. All PS1/PS2 will get smashed by Hybrid. All Hybrid will get smashed by Tanks. All Tanks will get smashed by PS1/PS2.

    A most mixed rosters get rekt if there is no proper War Commander and Tracker present for the entirety of the war.

    As for getting good equipment? Just do good in whichever event is currently ongoing. Chances are whatever any of us gets will be outdated in 2-4 more events.
  8. "All ps1/ps2 will get smashed by Hybrid" - Proves how much of a misconception u have regarding ll and u r helping another guy to create the same misconception rofl
  9. By all means, please do guide the misguided then!
  10. General strengths: (rock paper sisscors version with these LL builds (usually))

    Ps1 usually beats tank, tank usually beats hybrid, and hybrid usually beats Ps1

    15/0/4/5 or 15/0/5/4 (hybrid)
    First number is attack building, second is towerz, 3rd number is spy building, 4th is spy towerz

    Ps1- 1 titan layer 23 sos ps2 - this build type is also the best build type (hansel) for both event items and money as it gives you the most in comparison to the other types

    Tank~ what ever you want as long as theres a crap load of towers
    I.e 8/9/3/4
    6/12/2/4 or 1/11/1/11( Lol)

    hope it helps :D
  11. Lady of Lorien :)
  12. ps1 v hyb either can win
    Hyb v tank usually tank but been in one match up where we as hyb beat a tank roster
    Tank v ps1..ps1 easily
  13. Thank you, this was very helpful
  14. Easiest way to get equip is by doing higher level ebs that drop better equip. Also event reward you with very strong equip. Event equip costs a lot more to enchant however.
  15. Don't listen to him he doesn't know what he's on about XD

    Typical hybrids 15/0/5/4 (we at PvP and most other hybrid clans run this)
    You can alternate a bit, for example 14/1/5/4 which is run by SILVER etc
    Typical tank builds are 17/0/1/6 or 16/2/1/5
    And then you got your bog standard vro/odm hansels with 1/0/23/0
  16. Im sorry i meant 15^ @ person above. I didn't look. Mine added up to 20. Will re-edit thanks, and a tank has adt ^, thats why hybrids have trouble against them
  17. Either joking or never done LL

    Best build probably hybrid 15/0/5/4
  18. No no no no

    Lemme tell da truth of tha LL wars m9

    Hybs Vs Hybs = Idk tbfh
    Hybs Vs Tank = Rip the hybs Buti
    Hybs Vs Ps1 = If you don't leak ez
    Ps1 Vs Tanks = Rip the tanks Buti
    Ps1 Vs Ps1 = Best strat/team wins

    Ducks = Trash hybs
    PvP = Gud hybs
    Bg2 = Gud hybs
    Shy = M8 u defo bot
    ASW = Ps1's dat strip like every war
    TWH = Tha best Ps1's cause we don't strip

    Fix War
  19. Actually once hyb beat tanks(silver I think) fun war