lions Vs Seahawks: post mortem

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  1. Wigan Warriors - Leeds Rhinos, Grand Final on Saturday Moose. Please cover this game its the final game of the Rugby League season.
    Its a sell out, 76k seater stadium full.
    If you want more details and stats I can give you them
  2. Why don't you have a competition for real football, not this rip. It's much easier to predict and is generally better. :mrgreen:
  3. I was at the game and was escaping heavy traffic so missed that play. Did he accidently or purposely knock the ball out of the back of the endzone?
  4. Support
  5. The nfl is fake. They knew the lions should have had the ball back but the nfl didnt want seattle at 1-3 when the lions arent going anywhere anyways so they made the call so seattle would be 2-2 and still in the race. Pretty simple. Anyone that thinks the nfl doesnt protect its interests hasnt watched much football. The year the bears were good calvin johnsons winning td was ruled out of bounds. Last year the cowboys lions debacle in the playoffs and now another nfl golden boy team protected at the lions expense. Its a joke.

  6. Purposely
  7. Led I don't disagree with what you are saying about the calls and that the NFL defiantly has vested interests in certain teams, and makes shady calls to favorably influence outcomes. I'll have to watch a highlight of that play. I'm a Seahawks fan and have been before all the hype. We have not looked like a super bowl caliber team at all and will struggle bad if we keep playing like we have. Still GO HAWKS!!!
  8. :/ that's what some others told me too. That it looked really obvious.
  9. Being a huge seahawks fan im glad they won but kind of disappointed in the crappy performance
  10. Being that it's rare somebody correctly guesses the score, I would like to see the chances improved per week or more games to guess on. The first correct guess would nullify the chance at guessing on any other games that week with the prize for the week being claimed. With that being said, open up guessing on Thursdays colts vs Texans, sundays early game of chiefs vs bears, sunday nights game of 49ers vs giants, and Mondays game of steelers vs chargers. to keep from being overloaded on guesses only accept guesses from the previous games ending on.