Link to item when offered a trade

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  1. When you are offered a trade you should be able to click on the item offered and see the level and stats, instead of having to search their showcase. Even when you do search if they have multiples of that item you don't know which one is being offered.
  2. Tap and hold
  3. You can find the item's stats by long pressing on the item.
  4. It tells you the level and amount of the item in the trade itself. As stated above you can tap and hold to see the full details of the item :)
  5. Would be cool if you could sort and filter items by stats/name/etc.
  6. Would be cool if i could post on ppls walls.

    Would be cool if you could answer questions we got regarding bugs/problems with kaw

    Would be cool if you showed you cared sometimes

    Would be cool if you sacked the entire support staff

    Would be cool if you could be cool about this
  7. I don’t know what he was trying to pull off but that smug I’m a game designer throwing the community a glitched up update might happen bone isn’t cool at all
  8. current trading workflow sucks..

    Check it out.. y’all know it by meow. This is exactly how it goes..

    Me: Psst.. do you want..(I being a lame ass used to describe what I wanted to trade.. like the whole Long ass name that devs gave to that charm.. now I just pick the one I want to give)

    Cersei: What do u Vant for eet? (Bavarian accent)

    Me: Umm.. (Here I go scrolling down her showcase, noting down names in ).. gives it to her..

    (Here comes the best part)

    She has to scroll the showcase and click on the pic to see the name!!

    Cersei: *Frustrated.. Umm Vhat does it look like!?

    Me: It’s blue.. like a scarf but may be a hat?.. some purple in it

    Cersei: *Increasingly frustrated.. I don’t see it.. I see a periwinkle hoodie.. but I can’t give you that!!

    Me: No! That’s *insert ur fav long as charm name here.. I want the purple-blue scarf!!!

    Cersei: Cant find it.. here.. take this gold ring.. or I farm u!

    Me: Okie!

    AmIRight?... the last time I had this discussion was with my girlfriend when she forced me to go shopping at Lululemon..

    Ok ok I lied.. I don’t have a GF..

    Here’s a tip from fantasy football apps where trading is a key function of that “game”..

    The “initiator” can select not only the item in their showcase but the item they want in the other person’s showcase.. (and the other trader can select different ones based on what they see)..

    Example.. I choose my ring and I also choose the other person’s helm.. then I send trade request..

    Ps: If you don’t know what you want in return.. you may not be cut out for trading! (that’s like refreshing BL for PvP..)