Limitless Nobs! (secret finally revealed)

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  2. Damn it moose, when you talk nice about us we die alittle on the inside each time.
  3. Ahhh a tear that was not blood fell from my eye!!! Moose don't make us soft with your kind Moose words!!! And you should come run some bars again with us sometime 
  4. So are you saying I should put all those coins back I stole out of the fountain?
  5. I like powering my kingdoms on the failed hopes and dreams of soviety though 
  6. The way I look at it is if you make a wish and throw the coin in the fountain.. You should wish to help others in that case I am making their wish come true if your only making a wish for yourself then you are selfish and deserve your money stolen
  7. forum ban evidence thread

    Bump per players request.
  8. Thx moose.
  9. Glad to lend a hoof
  10. I dont see the "stomping out spam" part of those hooves ;)
  11.  Moose are promoting stealing, farms 3/5/6 could be considered stealing you know, in which case one could be punished, you really should put a disclaimer on this
  12. The pfand of €0.25 will add up quickly especially in a school where the other students don't care about the effort for it, €2,50 a week and more if you are on the look out for other bottles.
  13. I read 'Limitless Noobs' and then I saw

    Directed towards kids

    And was like

  14. That is excellent lmao 
  15. im on it moose gunna go get some nobs
  16. Or beat up the new kid on the block. Equip our swords (or in this case brass knuckles) then fight.
  17. Or gambling by playing "go fish" or "UNO" and then win by cheating.