Limitless Nobs! (secret finally revealed)

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    this thread is directed towards kids.

    So, I've seen several people asking of its possible to get nobs other than the traditional questing. Some have proposed a free nob a day for just logging on, and others have proposed buildings that may produce them.

    There is a way to get virtually limitless nobs on KaW, and today I will share my secret with you.

    My secret is.............NOB FARMS!

    What are nob farms? Nob farms are things that constantly produce nobs. If you establish a few good nob farms, you'll be T5 HLBC in no time flat! So, where do you find these wonderful nob farms? Simple! They are everywhere! Here are just a few.

    (Remember, nobs cost less then 10 cents each.)

    Nob farm 1.
    Clean your sofa. Loose change always shakes out of people pockets there. You should be able to find 5 or 6 nobs a week there.

    Nob farm 2.
    Kids, offer to do the laundry in the house. Most people forget to take the change out of their pockets. You should find at least 10 nobs a load doing this.

    Nob farm 3.
    If you are desperate for nobs, you'll see that gas stations have the "take a penny" dishes. These nobs are just waiting to be taken. Clean that dish out!

    Nob farm 4.
    I have actually taken note of this. Usually find between one and two nobs a day, just laying on the ground.

    Nob farm 5.
    This ones a bit more risky, but many adults simply empty their pockets at the end of the night and plunk their change on their dresser. I'd be shocked of you couldn't get at least 10 nobs a day from harvesting your dads dresser.

    Nob farm 6.
    I Have seen fountains in my city with tons if money in them. People just throw it away. There are hundreds of nobs there, just below the surface of the water!!!

    Nob farm 7
    People throw away aluminum and tin cans all the time. Get those cans! You can recycle them for hundreds of nobs AND you are saving the environment! WIN/WIN. (this idea was given to me by a forumer and it was so good I had to add it to the list)

    I know what you are saying.... Those aren't nobs. Those are just worthless coins, and my iPad will not accept those

    Fear not! Coins are just "nobs in raw form". You can convert your worthless coins to valuable nobs with the purchase of an iTunes card! YAY! You are now ready to grow your kingdom.

    Happy KaWing.

    PS, please feel free to help the community out by stating aby other nob farms you know of.
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    Lol (first)
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    Owww second
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    Reported for false information, I came here for limitless nobs, I've been deceived.
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    Lmao EPIC!!!
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    What about door-nobs?
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    Lol I like the post but I can't help the feeling that the devs got you to put subliminal messaging into this * cough SPEND $ on NOBS* cough
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    Next time I need a penny at a gas station and have to break a $20 to pay for my stuff, I'm coming for you, Moose. :evil:
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    Cheese: lol
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    I find drunk people are easy to farm.

    Just take out your shotgun, scream at them saying 'give me your wallet or I'll kill you!!' repeatedly.

    Get on the lb in no time.

    (jewellery Is also nobs, you can convert it to those coins, which turn into nob)

    For those with no access to shotguns:

    You can also go around pawning all your moms/sisters/relatives jewellry. Wedding rings will make a decent
    amount of nob, I recommend that.

    And when questioned: deny everything. Hide the murder weapon, kill all witnessess. You will get hlbc soon, everything is fine. ;)
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    Kaw lemonade stands are a big hit
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    I've always collected coins, ever since my mom trusted me to keeps own money (around 15 years ago) I have 6 of those really big tins that the popcorn comes in, filled to the brim with all variety of American coins (I have a desperate, smaller tin for non American coins; I think I have about 12 euros, maybe 4-5 pounds, and about 20 Canadian dollars.) I plan on cashing them in when I run out of Tins, and seeing how much I've saved. I'll be sure to let you all know.
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    if you knew that this wasn't a legit thread, then why come here? moose obviously made it to make others laugh. just proved you are that stupid.
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    So what your saying razz

    Is that you have bins and bins of nobs and foreign nobs lying around!?!

    To bad your dtw or I'd steal them all
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    I have cleaned this thread of off topic posts. It's a fun light hearted thread.

    Relax and have fun, or go lurk somewhere else.