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  1. You are an individual possessing little to no skill in the beautiful English language; this is evident in both your literal speech and in your overuse of gifs.

    Your efforts at comedic relief fall flat (much like another of your 'assets') as well as appearing overly strained.

    You lack any form of wit or skill in the English language, as stated previously, you rely on gifs to provoke a cheap 'laughing emoji' from your domestic partner Ronald.

    It has gotten to the point at which I feel compelled to be your English tutor.

    If interested pm me bby. Fulfil my pancake fetish.

    Post Script:
    I doubt she possesses the ability to even respond to this post in coherent English, a pity, one must learn from their mistakes.
  2. Pipe is that you
  3. The name would strongly suggest so.
  4. Couldn't have just PMed them?
  5. Perhaps you could pm them on my behalf, if it bothers you to such an extent...
  6. Pipe Lili is Russian and she is extremly good at English and has a natural talent for humour . i dont know why you now trying to start on Lili . it must be because she can multi task doing everything on kaw.Osw, EE, she wins in Ashes or snoopys quizzes and is very quick of her head with retorts . She makes funny comics and animations .she wrote excellent raps and got static sweating and riled up last year when they had a big cypher battle.There aint nothing Lili cant do she is multi talented.
  7. A great critic of grammar, let's hear it for the one the only Ronald.
  8. Who cares what you think pipebomb. i have made peace with Grymln .He said sorry to me. After hearing me in a group call. So really nothing you can say hurts my feelings because if i can make the worst troll on kaw appologise then i have acceived all i wished for on kaw. Go and grow up and spend some time maturing .
  9. You truly aim high in life roni.

    Frank would be proud..if he actually existed.
  10. Can I just clarify...
    Kaw is a GAME not NOT life.
  11. Nice double negative.
  12. Hi comrade,

    I from Russia and I like to say Lili not bad. She have large vocabulary and AK47 collection. You do wrong move, make fun... She may not look it but like all russian women. She is bear.

    *Soviet Russian laugh*
  13. pipe you are one little weirdo. Your real life must be so stagnant and non existant . You will be a loner for life because no male or female will want to be with you.
  14. In that case I must imitate you. I shall create a 'Frank' of my own...

    (Backstory; roni had an imaginary boyfriend named Frank, whom she brought up in numerous group chats)
  15. Pipebomb he is very real . its so cute how you obsess over me and Lili.
  16. This thread is titled '@Lili', feel free to leave.

    However it is cute to see you leap to the defence of your lover.
  17. I aint going nowhere.When riff-raffs insult my friend you deal with me also.
  18. The thread was initially titled @Lili/Roni

    Honestly not sure what the point of this thread is other than to belittle someone for the fact they don't speak and/or write perfect English.

    You asked them to pm you if they wanted an English lesson anyway, making this thread pointless.

    Who cares about someone else's grammar and spelling on an online tap tap game anyway? If it bothers you that much then why call them out so they respond to you? Why bother obsessing over their every post?

    Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it.

    /lock since you've asked them to respond in pm anyway.
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