Lili & roni's " tis the season of goodwill " challenge.

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  1. every day on kaw there's heated moments and angry words get said to each other . all in the fun of the game but sometimes we go a little overboard and say cruel things without thinking in the heat of the moment . and feelings can get hurt. i hold my hand up high im guilty of it lots . so this is the challenge .Every day on Kaw up to Christmas eve we have to write just one nice positive thing about our enemys . its a well known fact i have more enemys than the days of Xmas .so it wont be that hard to think of names haha . so lets get started spreading a little happyness this KAWristmas. Me first
  2. 1st December :- WoIfie come back to kaw full time .i miss you and im sure lots do too. you added fun on kaw with your forum threads and your fiery personality .ready to kick everybody who annoyed you .you didnt waste words you just attacked .
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    I made my peace with frog which I felt was important to me.
  4. This thread is bad
  5. Your life is bad

  6. Support
  7. 'Tis the season
  8. as i sayd before keep spreading the hate in my direction and youll be getting what you want . Lili and me in your kaw lives daily .
  9. They love you really they seem to be crying out for attention poor people.
  10. I own you now Roni, so I kinda have to put up with you.
  11. Dec 1, @Sasuke. Ur jokes are off key, u are not smart, u don't fight. But u are good at posting gifs. And at being a dumpster for my spare bars.
    There we go. I was nice. 
  12. All I posted was 4 words.
    Lady, chill.
  13. One nice thing bout Lili- Although she is easily offended by the things I say to her, she is fun to play around with in pm.

    One nice thing about Roni- Although the majority of KaW is anti Roni, and she cant help but to address every single person that taunts her, it is super fun to play around with her in WC and Forums and her wall.

    **Confession** I never cared about your Legendary Main, and will never know the details of your fury departure. It was just fun to read your reactions when ever I brought those things up.
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    I have a nice thing to say about roni and Lili: *insert nice thing here*.
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    I have something nice to say about u... nope, all out of nice things
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    I don't have enemies. Or do I? I dunno.