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  1. I'm gonna keep this short and simple. What are your views of life and how to live life? Haven't really seen a thread like this and there is so much different views. Personally I am into spirituality and balance. I am currently on my spiritual journey to find balance in myself and hopefully become a better person. Once I am able to accomplish that, I hope to help others achieve happiness in life. I believe in positive and negative energy being the driving force behind everything. I also believe in the idea of being able to make your own reality and that you have control over everything in your life. But I am interested in hearing from all of you because I enjoy hearing others perspectives on things so let's hear watcha have to say!
  2. Life.. Sucks in general. Still, one should always try to do their best, and leave the world in a better condition than it was in when they entered it.
  3. Wall of text tldr
  4. Why go through all that crap when you can party, get hammered and show a girl a good night?

    Pppshh.. Spiritual peace
  5. I personally hate getting drunk. I stick to my psychedelics :p
  6. You could make life better if you choose to.
  7. It touched my heart to see such kindness. I watched a video about a homeless guy getting $100 around Christmas time. He walked into a liquor store and walked out with bags of presents. He went to a couple of random people and handed it to them. He didn't buy anything for himself and remember this guy was homeless. The same guy gave him another $100 and told him to spend it on himself and the homeless man gave him a huge hug.
  8. Balancing out all that negative energy in the world
  9. OP acts so sweet and nice. Acts like he has good values.

    This should be on the front page of the NY times!!

  10. I love my life that's all
  11. Not to get off topic or anything but what sorta liquor store sells presents?!
  12. Nooooooooo! Not the purp scurp pic!
  13. Simple. Very nice
  14. Sorry OP.

    I had to, knew it was too good to be true
  15. I think life sucks balls but I wouldn't want to dead. There's so much to do in and for this world but we're all too afraid we'll never live up to the expectations. We make mistakes that make us want to end it all but we continue to fix them.

    Life nowadays sucks because everyone's too focused on a person's so-called "flaws" (sexuality, religion, aesthetic features) that they can't see past them to see a human being just like them. Everyone is blinded by ignorance. We change ourselves to fit a mold and those who don't are criticized and praised. And all of this affects the way we live our lives.

    I don't know where I'm going with this. But I hate life as much as I love it.
  16. And back on topic pass that shiz op you rly must be good n toasty to write about life on kaw forums
  17. I am just in the mood to hear some peoples opinions lol and it's a very interesting topic
  18. Everyone has the power to meet their expectations but we aren't taught that. We have infinite potential to create a perfect world for ourselves but that idea itself is just thought of as crazy by most
  19. **** all the Jews there going to hell
  20. Dammit Richard what did I tell you about forums