Life of a Zaft War runner after leaving osw

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Harblnger_of_wrath, Jul 15, 2015.

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  1. I know a very interesting part of osw is what happens to runners after they pick up their wet panties and hit the road during OSW. In particular one massive section of these war runners which we will call zaft. So where do zafties go once the inevitable happens and they tell 1SL to kick rocks? well..

    Inactive. Yes a lot of zafties not only up and left zaft but being stripped over and over has forced them to leave kaw altogether. IN search of less war game style war game aps like Farmville where they can finally do some farming.

    another common end place for zaft war runners is in various HTE clans. Continuing to grow now with absolutely no purpose in this game many have chosen to abandon war ...albeit a losing war...for the greener pastures of b2b non stop hte. The prob most of these runners have is when their hte running shoes wear out what do you do next? Everyone knows you are a runner and nobody will want you in your alliance. The name you spent years building you will have to change just to hideout and try to sneak into a real alliance later.

    Another route is sneak and leeching...players like chaos fit this type. They run from OSW but still blatantly support their ex cohorts from a close distance....not warring but hitting hte non stop.

    another type leaves their main war account inactive in pure spy build and starts playing on alts. You leave your account in your old clan to show support....yet you clearly have abandoned them in their final hours...hows that hte clan going with your alt?

    THe sudden EE warrior war runner....some ex zafties are left with an insatiable thirst for war after running from osw and find themselves in the loving arms of a wannabe ee clan. "warring" with all their might 1 hr at a time with no threat of being stripped. All the while hitting b2b hte.

    but most that war run....just jump around from clan to clan forever talking of their war days with old war vets longing for days of old. days of bullying smaller clans with a stockpile of lbs, days of free b2b hte. days of tolerating idiotic leadership to remain in free constant hte.

    well I hope this list has helped many of you reading this. Figure out what type you fall into and feel free to comment.
  2. I think your the one playing on alts and leaving your main in ps mode :)
  3. Your main account forum banned? I look at those hte clan rosters and see zaft runners but also more machine,warlor tagged,and apoc banners....nobody is really innocent of trying to grow but yeah once runner always a runner I suppose
    A few ran from the losing end of wdgaf osw to fill apoc ranks now act like apoc badasses 
    Anyway you must have done so much funding and stealing coat tail seat sniffer
  4. Support
  5. Can I just point out your broken sword?

    Not that it matters. It's just there.
  6. so???
  7. Oh the irony - badass warriors talking smack to other warriors less badass than themselves. Putting those clowns in their place!... On a tap tap game.
  8. something new?
  9. Thats the best part of this game!
  10. we will just ignore the usual gutter trash of forums responding here....cobra, dirty larry etc etc etc..

    zaft has lost over 50% of its clans to inactivity and some clans flat out left alliance. sure some apoc members have left...that is due to them not being committed to a long osw and they are more eb fairy than anything else. zafties leave because they are forced to leave under the heavy foot of apoc. that is the difference. one chooses to leave the other is forced. commence to trolling trolls and dirty larry. Entertain me some more. one player zaft has forced to leave apoc by force lol
  11. Lmao I like how badasses such as op, only smack talk from crappy lil alts, that's a clear sign of fear, Respect to the peeps that got op posting hardcore, when we all know s(he) is a follower lmao I miss the old days of kaw when peeps had they own balls, now peeps got one set an veteran Co signers
  12. Lost over 50%? Still ask us first for cf? Still warring us? Who did YOU ever farm or force to run?
  13. Talking about alts when there an alt but when pointed out calls it rubbish I support hypocrites like elf
  14. You're next thread should be "life of a never was butthurt sideline alt"
  15. lol Euro Euro Euro. this dude was a Defo KAW RUNNER. Run away when Fury main clan couldnt protect him. Ended up becoming a WALL WARRIOR. Chao! :D :D :D :D
  16. DirtyMARRY can YOU show us where this CF is? Who have YOU farmed that forced someone to run from osw? What has been YOUR contribution towards this OSW? What impact have YOU made?

    Can you name Zaft/fury most sucessful strips? Why do many of Fury have ZERO allies?

    from Kaws greatest PVPer.
  17. Another statless sideline hero? Cmon apoc I thought we are losing? So you send these "winners" to spam forums?
  18. The question I would like to know is confirmation,Did red and other notable players say " I'm getting the hell out of dodge strips are going down I'm out of here bye" before getting out of zaft and removing zaft banner ?
  19. Well I like to think of it as a badass. Who can be more badass than war running on an OSW clan.
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