Let's Talk: Units and Buildings

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  1. Granted this isnt along the lines of builds n such as you wish but i feel this is something that should be addressed by ata and any acknowledgement of this issue alone would be a step in the right direction i feel
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  3. If you were ever going to reduce land cost you should think about compensating ppl who have already purchased the land already.
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  5. Op....builds and units is a broad discussion. Builds are tough if you never played the more basic ata games. Long ago, it was more about what bonus the build gave you. Example building the attack high attack building (forges) gave you 5% attack power. Even build gave 5% more troops. Def high (titans lair) gave 5% more plunder. Now a days you don't hear much on this subject and idk why. I went for plunder!
  6. We should have a change your Build Day! 100% refund to change builds however u want... 2 per year at least
  7. Why are there balanced, atk and defensive buildings for troops but not for spies?
  8. Thas actually a really good question ...whaddup w/dat Charlie
  9. I want a special bank/treasurey buildings where i can bank a certain amount of golds everyday... this would help people to have gold for upgrade and also do wars..
    But limited amount of gold per day will prevent people from having 0 gold all the time

    Also the buildings could be upgraded for higher gold deposits
  10. Just my input for the thread . Simple advice for a spy build . Top left lands (volary all lands) only go to lvl 3 to save money and build elsewhere ;)
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  12. Question one: by everyone, do you mean me specifically?

    If so, question two: will you bring back both land and build tokens because frankly my build hasn't gone anywhere since they were around.

    Not that size is an issue, but missing out on ebs and big people wars is lame. #ihearttokens #lostwithoutyou

  13. I really like this thread besides the few who seem intent to battle in a war of word's. I think it's fine overall. I would like to see instead of new buildings more levels to existing buildings. I think that eb equipment needs updated with more percent equip.
    I do agree we need more castle upgrades and perhaps buildings that give perks such as 1% plunder increase for each level
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  16. Since no one used this thread to talk about the levelling of buildings I think I may just go rooyytt into it.

    Firstly, levelling buildings higher than lv3 is an absolute pain. Id rather more tiers of buildings or higher more expensive jumps from 1-3 rather than all these tiny investments into buildings before they change.

    It feels like you aren't making any progress because you're consistently just chucking funds at the same damn buildings over and over until land prices are cheaper and then you have to upgrade the buildings on the newly found lands over and over and over and over and over and over and over- you get the point.

    Basically, it's tedious, it gives a false sense of lacking in growth and I like pretty new troops every time I upgrade ^_^
  17. Idk about how there's a possible solution to the 1/10 buildings dilemma tbh.
    Somethings worth while aren't the easiest to do in my opinion.
    People keep bringing the ability to move buildings around for aesthetics.
    Charlie said its a hard thing to do.
    Some said its pointless.
    Maybe add a beneficial bonus in stats for overall aesthetics that goes with the buildings description.
    Ex: SDT/ADT: they should be on the perimeter.
    (As they meant to stop inc)
    Ex: Atk defense buildings, in inner perimeter.
    Etc stuff like that.
    (As it helps protect the castle)

    Moving buildings should cost but not break the bank.

    It's different lands why not have a castle on every land that the buildings we build protect?

    Well I like playing this game and I'm good at it just my two cents
  18. Give them a meaning in life
  19. LL max level 3
    HL max level 4
    HF max level 10
    Abyss max level 10
    OR max level 10

    Should I say it again? HF is where growth gets frozen. The most inefficient buildings. Cool units but bad math. I'd personally recommend the max upgrade of HF buildings to be level 5 or level 6.. Redistribute the current level2-10 upgrade stats. Make it more efficient so we will not skip it or leave it at level 1.
  20. Sure you read all the posts?

    But don't you think it's easier to continually upgrade one building than to have to tear down and replace a lower tier building with a higher tier one?

    Wouldn't Lowlands (and therefore new player progression) be so much simpler if the lower tiers were abolished and there was a single tier building on Lowlands that started out with the same stats as a level 1 Barracks and ended at level 10 with the same stats as a level 3 Cursed Factory?