Let's Talk: Units and Buildings

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  1. Am I a Dev now??
  2. Could plunder bonus/deduction be add on Building info page ?
  3. No. People would just constantly be switching builds.
  4. And constantly selling buildings for infinite gold. Support
  5. A change your build day would be nice though ? Just one day to swap and change and get 100% back 5 years to build a build and not be able to adjust it sucks ass
  6. Didn't we have that once in the past? I think I missed it though. Would be nice, and with 100% back we change build a few times during that day to figure out what we want.
  7. Fix the damn elven temple glitch in wars please.
  8. Pretty please with a thousand Cherry's on top
  9. Add a level 11 gold sink for rai, I've BC twice now (dropped build)

    On a side note for those who don't believe me I can provide ss :lol:
  10. Do it.
  11. @cobra, so put a limit on amount of buildings changed per 24h.
  12. No1currr
  13. I don't have any new ideas to provide (most of my ideas were already covered by others lol) but thanks for being much more open and talking to the community about what they want for the future of KaW.
  14. How about a set of lands / buildings devoted to PvP plunder % increase?

    For some reason you've stayed away from PvP plunder increasing equipment since the last one came out and I don't know why, it's a good idea.
  15. Hey Charlie can you do the Triple Deke?
  16. T1/3 are not needed anymore imo. if anything they slow the transition to t4 for new players.

    On the topic of units and buildings, i think depending on how far through build complete you are , each building should have daily taxes. If these sums arent payed by a given time, the building deteriorates. Have the charges only occur when the account logs in. This keeps account safe if they arent accessible for a period of time or if the owner takes a break.

    A gold sink is needed badly. The inflation has already exceeded the worst point it was when abyss was the highest tier land imo. Maybe a weekly prize draw where you enter for a sum of gold corresponding to size? not cheap, up to 500b for Bc accounts.
  17. No you're a slave to devs though ...you want what they give so you pander to them and goose step along with their money making agenda. You do exactly what they want you to do but when you don't get what you think you should you complain....

    ...I bet if things were exactly as they were now but you were on LB you wouldn't be complaining, right?
  18. Last post

    It's pay to win/play now Slay ...whether you see it or not you (not only you) and others like you made it that you...

    ...don't complain just break out that CC 
  19. Lmao  at it again Todd??? Get a life 
  20. Im a paying customer who.is generally fed up with the bs devs hit us with....spent over 1k on a mith bp before a few seasons back, took crazy time/effort to accumulate enough to do so including wars at 5am and such, justify why eb eq is now far superior without saying its cause they bought circles and seals or you bet your ass no more wars or purchases for me so please at least try to explain this or at least allow old school warrers to sell eq for a re-inbursment or such??