Let's Talk: Units and Buildings

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  1. Definitely need a 'third dimension' of a kingdom besides troops and spies. The game has become far too linear. Think outside the box about new capabilities and a 'third bar'. (Or 4th or 5th or 6th)
  2. Yes
  3. Ohhh. Yes.
  4. I've no idea if anyone's suggested this. Cause I'll be buggered if I'm reading all that. But, how about buildings that arnt just spy or troops. Maybe increased regain time like a medic or increased plunder bonus for a don't know a tax collector. Crap like that
  5. How about a market building to exchange or sell inferno horns etc
  6. Ohhh yes to this too.
  7. What does this have to do with upgrades and units?
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  9. all of the clan too.
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  11. It's an idea that is still relatively on topic. Could come with castle level four.

  12. Why do you still even login?
  13. A few things that need to be addressed.

    Currently growth is like a snowball effect. This applies to overall growth as well as levels within tiers. Personally I feel like a building should receive the best upgrades early on in the levels. This means the base level would be fairly strong and after that upgrades would be to make the building stronger. The increase in strength would be less and less the higher up you go (as it's harder to improve the building)

    Obviously the strength of the buildings would depend on their overall stats and how many levels they have.

    Imagine for the lowland buildings you have this layout.

    Level 1: 40% of current max level strength
    Level 2: 75% of current max level strength
    Level 3: 100% of current max level strength

    Not only does this help new players grow helping to remove the gap but it also makes the increases at the top end slower. With this layout everyone would receive a boost in strength if not currently BC and if they are BC they would see no change.
  14. What about Misc Buildings? ?
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  16. Here is an idea: Could we have a new set of lands called The swap land. Whatever we build on it will not be included in our stats. The way it would work is that we can build whatever buildings that already exist in game on it and then swap them with buildings in the other lands.

    For examples:
    We can build inexpensive LL buildings, and be able to swap buildings for LL wars.
    We can build expensive towers that we can swap for attack builds or spy builds.
    Possibilities could be endless.

    Player can choose if they want to use this new set of lands for cheap or expensive buildings, they manage it their own way.

    Just an idea,
  17. Support gradlon.
    Goddamnit. So many good ideas.

  18. Could you not make it so when a building is destroyed, you get a build token for the equivalent level and tier building?

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  20. Slay you're complaining about something you helped to create ....you can't see that?