Let's Talk: Units and Buildings

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  1. Tbh I'm getting bored if I'm not hitting b2b HTE the growth in this game is sooooo slow even with HTE it feels like you are left behind, because of people max xstalling every single day. I was 400 overall before Black Friday and the new lands now I'm 770 overall, yes I have spent a fair bit on the game over the years but since then I find it hard to justify spending so much just to keep up. I have hit b2b HTE for the best part of 3 years lol I should be up there on the LB. I'm coming up to 5 years of play and have seen smalls in my clans overtake me and rocket onto the LB,accounts that are just 12 months old. Doesn't really feel as if us long term players get any real rewards for our loyalty to the game woohoo a shiny badge and 1% per year come on a little more would go a long way.

  2. Moving buildings in this game affects nothing other that aesthetics. This isnt clash of clans where building formation matters...peoole been crying over that stupidity for years....yet as meaningless as it is this is what mods want addressed? Not actual things that will make gameplay better....sigh
  3. No doubt you will delete my comments as you seem to the last few times I have posted because they have been slightly negative and not sucking up to you and kissing ass. It's the frustration I have they fact you DONT listen to your community ?
  4. How about putting up a building in parts?

    Say something costs 1T to UG, I put in 250b and it shows me 25% upgraded. This would mimic the actual construction of a Kingdom.
  5. You guys have given us so many new promos and it's good but it is still hard for newbies like myself to grow even with all the new stuff you guys give us. You should have it easier for us to get the items we need to collect cause unless I cast mithril I can't even hit the haunting which is a great way to get promo items

  6. Thats basically what having 10 levels is....what do you want 20/30 levels?
  7. And you need to edit the bit under my name should SAY 2014/2015 ASW CHAMPION
  8. Charlie, as the newest game designer in the long line of previous ones, what direction do you have in terms of expanding the overall game?

    As a 7 year old game, kaw has been in a vicious cycle of rinse and repeat in recent years, so to speak - with little innovation in terms of the core gameplay, as far as building mechanics go with general gameplay.

    I once asked an ATA GD if it were possible to expand the game and add a third bar, they mentioned it was possible, but would require a huge overhaul.

    Mark, Bruce and Derek are others who have always had innovative ideas to the game. It would be awesome if they would participate in these talks as well, even though their not specifically designated for Kaw solely ATM.

    Also, much respect for reaching out to the community in recent times and taking your role professionally. You've done a much better job at it, then that nameless community manager has.

  9. What about the fact that in LL, a attk build can kill 50% of a ps1s spies with a Fb fail asn, but when we dump troops it only takes 10-15%?

    Plus they can ko 7 of us dumping spies correctly and we can get max 2 of them
  10. I think the real problem is how attack builds can get 3+ attacks (even 10) on 1 ps1's regen. Incredible.
  11. Hey devs/Charlie,

    So, I was talking to a new player the other day and sadly I'm not talking to him anymore due to the fact that he couldn't understand the game and ended up quitting due to this.

    My question is, what plans do you guys have to make things easier for new players.

    Such as tutorials, help guides, etc...
  12. God damn thats even worse. Devs must assess this
  13. The guides actually aren't bad. There's usually a help button for most areas of the game and people really need to think for themselves. The forum is the best place to go for information...
    It always will be, for most games/sites. All that could be added really is a message directing people to the forum and some of the better threads pointed out.
  14. Sorry for the wall of text. I edited my post as well because my original intended point was that the high cost of new lands was a detriment to progression. I would prefer to see a scaled back cost of new lands and a balanced increase in upgrade costs.

    I don't mind doing the analysis; it's just another problem to solve. If I have a 'beef' with this it would be that the current tier of HF buildings are so inefficient compared to Abyss, but because they're so much more affordable players will upgrade HF as an easy way to bank before War.

    You could make amends by making the Abyss buildings available on HF as well. In fact you guys could have done that as an alternative to a new land block.
  15. how could one not understand this game it's about as complicated as a idle game
  16. Lol, that's what I thought too at first, but I guess everyone's different.
  17. @Charlie, I am glad you have reached out to the community in hope for ideas!

    I like how the levels are 1-10 instead of the previous 1-5 as this gives people a chance to upgrade before war more easily etc but I also love the sound of being able to invest a certain % into the building at a time! For example, I was about to war and had 2.0T out and I didn't want to upgrade I could partially upgrade my building and put 40% in my upgrade (2/5T)

    We have had the Misc. section of buildings for a while now and I would love to see it get used. Possibly 'farms' which generated a xtral every 48 hours or a 'nobility factory' which generated 2 nobs a day. Something new and cool.

    Land tokens and sky glasses...

    Plunder earned could also be changed. Instead of plunder increasing at the higher levels it could invert and increase at the lower levels then the plunder increase slowly decrease. This would mean that growth would be increased.
  18. My interpretation is that it is upgrading on an installment plan. Yes, good for banking gold basically.
  19. This bs that my idea on page 4 didn't even catch the attention of ata Charlie
  20. The farm idea is good. But I'd rather go for crop farms that sell for gold or mith and not crystals or nobility so we're not pushing it.