Let's Talk: Units and Buildings

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  1. Hey Everyone,

    As some of you know, I joined KaW from a development side only quite recently (last couple months). In my time here I have got to learn tons but I am still most interested in learning from all of you, the players.

    So I was interested in having an open discussion around units and buildings. If we can, I would like to keep the conversation away from the topic of Progression in the macro-sense.

    What I mean by that is that I would rather not discuss growth of players from one tier of units + buildings / land to the next but more hoping to talk about things like progressing from level 1 of a building to level 10.

    But I have no agenda and whatever direction the conversation goes in I am happy to be part of it.

    I am going to be online for the next 2 hours and will be responding until 11:00 a.m. consistently and hopefully able to keep monitoring any discussion that does happen!


    TL/DR: Let's talk about builds + units. First thing that comes to mind. Go!
  2. Bring back Build Tokens
  3. Can they regen fully when I skim?
  4. Buff guild hansels please. I was so sad when they were nerfed back in day
  5. Hi Charlie are you going to lower land prices to make bc accounts butthurt ?
  6. Yes bring back build tokens !!!!
  7. Let us rearrange our buildings on each land
  8. Build tokens would be nice in an Event.
  9. 15 or 20 bldg levels on OR would be good, make it easier to war not having to save up 7T in one go.
  10. No changes like that planned. And any changes around existing content we are going to be much more careful about.

    But interested in some differences in new content or things along those lines.
  11. How about storing money in a building and when u get to cost required it upgrades itself?
  12. Ok thanks for swift reply charlie
  13. How about some cheaper land sets. And add in something crazy awesome, like a plunder boost for ADT towers.... Orrrr the stats boost the protection on a set of equipts??
  14. I like this. Maybe at some discount rate similar to banking in allies.
  15. ->Also the ability to move buildings around so I can make fancy patterns without razing them.

    ->The PvP player in me would like the ability to damage someone else's build on a temporary basis, down to say 50% of original strength at which point the enemy's kingdom would be publicly labeled 'razed by Radagast' or something and DTW to all attacks. Enemy could then either pay to repair buildings (1/10th of original cost) or wait 1-2 weeks for automatic regen back to 100% strength. Meanwhile their gold payout is impacted - bring back the ability to inflict pain. (At least on a temporary basis) :)

    ->Castle lvl4+

    ->It would be nice to be able to tell a visual difference between levels, like was the case during the first couple land tiers. Now with two levels having the same look and units, it is hard to distinquish when determining where to next build. Maybe add a small, and I mean small, number in the lower right hand corner of the parcel indicating the building's level? Might be useful.

    ->Oh, and I want to see flames coming out of my buildings when they're damaged / when I scout my damaged enemy's buildings. Small flame when 10-25% damaged, raging inferno when 25-50% damaged. I love the smell of pixelated napalm in the morning.

    ->Sharks swimming around in my Abyss lands.

    ->Did I mention Castle lvl4+?
  16. What do you see the point of this being? Are you wanting to hide money so it's not stolen? Is it hard to remember to go back and upgrade a building?

    To me, there seems to be other ways of doing those things and maybe focus is better spent somewhere else.

    But I am super interested to hear more about this idea!
  17. I like this too. Also maybe have the ability to build two buildings on one land, making it possible to swap out buildings when we need a different stat effect. This would be amazing for ll wars.
  18. Oh man. Me too. Unfortunately (I could be wrong about this) but I think that would take a surprisingly large change for something that may only have a small impact. So It's unlikely to happen :( I think our focus will be pulled elsewhere
  19. As a lower-mid size player I'd love to see land prices reduced, but I don't think it will happen. It will make the big spenders and build complete players slightly angry. It is hard for me to grow even while hitting B2B HTE and I buy seals and crystals occasionally.

    I believe that we lose a lot of small players because of the gap of large and smaller players, when small players join and realize how far behind they are in this game.