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  1. Would giving new players starting a month + from now starter gear that only increases pve plunder break the game due to all the high pay out pay to play ebs?
  2. They already get plunder bonus, why give them an even bigger edge?
  3. They already have the new player plunder spell and all lowlands unlocked....
  4. Was that a yes or no? None of you gave an actual answer
  5. Usually when someone says "they already have" means they are against the idea.
    But to be absolutely blunt with the answer; no.
  6. Very interesting replies so far, now think of how equptment only given to new players that doesn't increase attack or defense but only slightly boosts plunder earned would effect the long term gameplay
  7. New people don't know how good they have it

    We actually had to buy lowlands, and there was no 100% plunder for a WEEK omg

    My volley was like 300b when I started

    Where is my 100% free plunder for a week? Not happening!

    This is why devs don't want to help anyone and tutorial is complete garbage
  8. Still waiting for spy quests
  9. Honestly, new players do not have it easy.

    How many lands are we up to?

    5-6 sets now?

    It's basically impossible to reach lcbc now without forking out the dough.

    New players do not have it even remotely easy.
  10. My volley was 500m.but.. it was still easier to bc.
  11. I've played 5 years and never been build complete

    Why should a new player get it before me without putting in the time or the work?

    I know it's improbable I'll be build complete unless I save all crux, all xstals, all circles, all seals, for a whole year waiting for the one day it all becomes worth it...

    Black Friday

    What makes you think I "got it easy" I been playing everyday for 5 years

    I don't care about being build complete I know better, just tap, grow, and repeat, new lands come out before I can finish anything

    I don't care, why should I?

    Why do you?
  12. Amen, it's a game. We play with the cards dealt. You do not like it then fold, just like the real world. I've seen changes throughout the seven years I've played and kept on plowing threw. Love this game. Still hooked. 
  13. Totally agree kasama...i started playing a fair few yrs back now & my new accounts are only further away than ever from reaching the top imo...i say change the whole system...let ppl lcbc within a year or 2 for free like it used to be and once ppl are on a more even playing field again the game will feel competitive again finally. This would def encourage many ppl to actually bother to spend a little more knowing they are within range. To me it's boring & not worth spending on to have a lead no new player will catch unless u slack off by say doing nothing for 2-5 years...isn't it better to stay on top knowing u're competing with the majority of players, who have the chance to catch u soon...the challenge would be great imo. Staying at the top in stats means very little nemore cos u've got too much of a head start these days... #1 on the lb may as well #1 based on a cpl hundred players while all others who started later may aswell have their own lb cos they're not even in the same league...i've thought about suggesting this before & think we need a separate league lb system where u only compete with ppl who started after the same set of lands u started with were introduced, e.g. if hf was the last land realeased u'll b in the hf league lb, if abyss was the last u'll be in the abyss league & so on.

    i think new players need over a 400% boost personally... i've had accounts ranked fairly high & think they'd need more than that to catch those accounts, & they weren't even top 500 accounts...if u're big & u think noobs will catch u with the help of a tiny temporary 100% plunder boost u're not playing or skilled enough as a big.
  14. My volley was 10bil. Times were so much different then, people ran subs with ambushpig. Made it easy to grow.
  15. Lets not forget that new players can get 1.25T in their first hour of play, and not In 2 weeks (or even make that kind of gold at all). New players completely pass 20-30% of this games life in one hour or day.

    Im sure some of you remmeber thinking 30Mil per hit was alot, and we had to grind as either osfs or attack pures to get any money at all.

    In essence New Players have The easiest transition to growth now then they have ever had.
    For instance,
    They can even get 100mcs in Bfe after 2-3 Tiers... Not even 7(i think) months ago 200-300mcs Bfe was almost top notch. I have 4Bil bfe and even that is "low".

    With This Bfe players can now effectively hit Lotl/Asof/Goth within days or weeks of playing, Rather months or years for previous players.

    I vollied a player In the beginning of August. Dude has spent no money and is 200mcs now.

    Do you know how long that took me without build tokens and legends?
    ... I started Nov. '15 and i made that just in march-april '17(maybe even when legends started)
    Idk how long since legends have been out but ive easily grown 250mcs since.
  16. [title=white+black]Then their first event comes along and they get few thousand silver in the first 2 weeks

    Noobs are pampers[/title]
  17. I love how the only argument people have that they believe newbies have it hard, is the fact that the game has grown so much they can't be max stats in a month.

    Get off your unicorn and stop playing with fairies, get back to reality. It's quicker for me to get to the point I am now then it would have taken me 2 years ago.
  18. I have to agree with Wolfie here, but as a side note, would giving everyone the same equipment that boosts plunder by the same ammount for everyone but provides no attack/spy bonuses be fair to everyone? Even if its just say 5% total for 2 prices?
  19. Isn't the whole point of giving them all these boosts so they become relevant to you guys quicker? You want new players to catch up (to some degree) quickly so they can participate in wars/PvP and be active otherwise its pointless having new players. That's why they introduced build tokens,not to help the people with a bill CS already, but so that in a couple of weeks a new player can participate alongside older players.
  20. White Wolfe has a very good point