Let's rouse some sleeping dogs 😁

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  1. Hi everyone 😊 Let's be honest kaw has had a good innings and lasted much longer than expected .Sadly nothing last for ever , people come , people go and games fizzle out eventually and have to close. And I think what would really turnback the hands of time and give kaw a fresh and fun approach and give us all nostalgia and happy vibes and re--new our interest for kaw. is to bring back and re open all the Zaft clans and the original kotfe clans . I mean why open new ones and leave idle the original clans like kotfe assassins and fire academy etc. it's so good to see Black hand re opened and for a short temporary while i.s.s.
    Over the years there have been fierce osw's and harsh things said in trash talk via world chat and forums . i hold my hands up in acknowledging that im guilty of that 😳 .
    in days of old I had so much enemy's in almost every clan on kaw. I'm so glad that eventually most of those enemy's . We eventually became good friends and one of my past enemy's said to me the other day " it's all water under the bridge ". And we chat away now like we never did clash in the past.

    What a great turnaround it would be if all enemy's thought that same thought and let all the veteran & Legandary / infamous clans like iG( let them have back in their possession their original og clan ) , AAH, Last rights, Sparta elite , conclave of shadows, Regulators , Faith , AoW, LSA elite , Osiris and all Zaft Clans re open . I give alot of respect to Sidar for keeping Zaft Faith clan active and keeping their memory alive , likewise Sekmet in Gator milkers for still running the once thriving clans and keeping them alive .

    I think if all these old clans re opened then many of the original clan members would return and start playing kaw again . Well we can only hope they do πŸ˜‰
  2. Alas Roni you know we can never go back, we can either move forward or be stagnant. It's sad for me to say but it seems to me most of KaW these days is pretty much stagnant. I've made a few enemies myself in this game and as you most of the ones still playing I've at least become social with. I would like to add however, as much as KaW has changed I have found opportunity to keep it fun and it's not by brainlessly tapping ebs.
  3. What's the point of reopening a ton of old clans when 90% of the old people will never touch KaW again? Even if they all came back, that was all 3-11 years ago. We're all different people now; even if we all came together it would be more or less unrecognizable. As time passes, things change, that's just the way of life.
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  4. i guess you're right. Nobody has loyalty anymore. That's obvious when you look at kaw today and see all the merged clans and becoming family with their sworn enemys in osw's. And im sure that if they re-opened then word of mouth would get back to those you think are long gone from kaw. This is how all the old members of i.s.s returned because they still talked outside of kaw game. And if Kaw holded a " return back to your kaw roots week " then im sure many wouldnt want to return back to their secondary new clan once the event was over. Because it would have rekindled the flame and spark that bonded them back then .
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  5. A lot of what we want has been changed so much the game is near on unrecognisable to those of us who put the game down. They'd struggle to catch up with the ever increasing costs of land, upgrades and the gap only getting bigger. It had a good run, now its up to those who came after to keep it going.
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  6. Is it even about loyalty? In kaw, there is different things to strive for with charms, events, new lands. It’s a completely different game.
  7. No ...Trust me. You're all still a bunch of tools lol

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  8. No hate Thrawn.

    He only thinks you guys are tools because he has to keep ban evading.

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  9. Ur mom says hi πŸ‘‹

  10. Wow , seeing some old familiar names.

    Ol Roni at it again, dragging life back into the forums once again. Been a while ! πŸ‘‹πŸ€ͺπŸ‘
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