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  1.  
     
      Two Sisters One Sexy One BeauiFul
  2. And I came and utterly destroyed them the end
  3. Then I took a **** on they're remains.
  4. Their*

    God I hate auto-correct
  5. and then i shot down all the afrocan cannibals and threw then all in a fire and then the world blew up but since i was on a spaceship to the moon at the time i survived (oh yeah megan fox was on the shiptoo) so wen we landed on the moon we lived for 5 years then we mated and kept all human alive THE END
  6. Noooo jumps on Megans corpse
  7. Nooo snorts the ashes
  8. Nooo your gay you don't like Megan fox
  9. What's with everyone loving Megan fox??? I'm a girl but she's not even all that pretty. I'm not a hater though she's a good actress.
  10. Then infect them with potato disease
  11. Then gets sexy with the queen