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  1. Hello everyone it’s been quite some times since the last time I have logged in. It seems like every year that we have an reoccurring theme with every ASW. I’ve seen there is a major war happening every quarter now but this is only dealing with the ASW, since this should be the most honorable event that takes place.

    Even if the Devs(not saying if they do or don’t) do not care about ASW, Lets give them some ideas.

    Idea 1: Roster Adding

    So this idea was inspired by Focke-Wulf-190D. The intention for this is to reward players who actually want to play vs the those who are coming without even trying. There with me a small war before the actual event which includes 16 teams. After each of the 8 wars that occur there will be a poll or vote. After this vote the player with the most votes will join the winner side. The players that did not get voted in will have their ASW end. They will still get a participation rewards. After this war the ASW will end up how it is today just a typical war system that they have been doing for years.

    The voting system I propose is 10% of the loser side join the winner side. And to make thing equal and to discourage from picking the top 10% of the other team. They would have to pick one person out of every group of people equaling 10%.

    Ex. Pick one from rank 1-6, 7-14, etc.

    This system will encourage the All Star mentality by keeping the serious players. Devs please show me you care about this community. Not “let’s make it the most inconvenience time for everyone. Maybe it will work out but a lot of die hard people have to work.

    If you have any ideas, post them and I’ll put them on this post for better location.

    But of course they won’t be anybody reading because of how bad the organization of the forum is now. Don’t know how long they changed it but it’s straight up confusing.
  2. I tried to edit some stuff even before I posted this and it was glitching out.😂 ATA get the forums under control
  3. I would suggest dev to ban those that did not do any actions at the start of the war for 15
  4. Hey bro I really like this idea instead of the preliminary rounds. I just think having this BEFORE the prelims will cause a problem with how much time is put forth for the asw tournament. So I think it is a good start to an idea and could use improvements. I voted no for that reason but I’ll spit some idea with focke and see what we think and can come up with!
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  5. This entire idea caters to the idea that everyone should get a prize. Just as I pointed out in the ASW thread, it's no longer an "All Star War" and this turns that in to a popularity contest. Also lame and not ASW like. I say, change it to top 2k with 1,600 being selected if clans only end up being 20 people each that's still better than the mess that we have now.

    Side note for the babies- I'm not even top 1,600 so no I'm not suggesting this to cater to myself, an ALL star should be TOP tier.
  6. I agree with some part

    Caters to everyone gets a prize? What’s the diffrence between giving people the prize now that fail the first war than my syestem? Oh wait my system will reward the people who actually war. From limiting the picking to choosing one person every so rank you can’t pick all your friend. Also that there is an already randomizes picking the odds of you being in a clan with majority of your friend is slim. And why wouldn’t you want to pick the best of the best per ranking.
  7. The whole idea of an ASW is for the best of the best to come together from different clans to act like a team. Your system rewards individual the same way that clan hopping does. Win as a team lose as a team. Everyone complains about inactives yet they are on the same side of every war everytime. Everyone who wars thinks they are the best and deserve the top rewards, well guess what participation generation, someone has to lose in order for someone else to win. In football if a team beats another team do the top players get traded? In soccer? Dodgeball? Any other tap game in the market? How bout board games? No? So just kaw then....
  8. ASW should be the best of the best EE warriors taking part , their should be a yearly lb on your profile with your accumulated war tokens collected from all war events which should give your rank as to if you qualify or not . It shouldn’t be how the current criteria is where u only have to be top 10k because let’s face it that’s easy to get now with the introduction of fatelands builds + plates . To those who complain that they don’t qualify u have 4 seasonal tournaments to participate in . Asw should be the best of the best facing off , not eb fairies,Alts & people trying to get furnishings/pets/plates.
  9. I have said before, all the prem asw should be points based, points awarded for participation in daily wars, 1 point for a loss and 3 for win, if you managed to get X points you can enter asw if not then tough