les be free

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  1. I petition, no, i dimand that eberything gets unregulated (-allyes). Free them markets!

    Y is it that we can only trade? An only certen items? The hell with that

    If i got them gols y kent i buy charms with it? Or buy inferno from a random chump? Free markets wil lower the price of items. Ata wans a monopoli of some estuff? These comes estraight outa fidel castros playbook. These is commie estuff.

    Make it so we can by anything from eberybody!

    Let it b that free markets rule the kaw land jost like the sofwer god intended!

    The way we habe it is comunist, socialist, monopolistic and expensiv.

    Only thing that shud b restricted is allyes. I min, u cud estil b able to by them but with owners permision. Other wise ppl abuse it and anoy u.

    Les b free ppl.
  2. Les say some chump wans to trade some peace of land a building. He wans ur precius charm or some gold for it. U estrike a dil an booom his land reberts to 0, u obtain the real estate, he gets his charm. Ol happy.

    Y not? They both wan it.
  3. Right now as it estands, u get peanuts if u dismantel a building.

    Free the markets so u can look for a beter pay
  4. when you bump your own thread three times and nobody posted anything :mrgreen:
  5. That's sad 
  6. How am i gunna bomp my thred if i posted imediately after? The thred was olredy in the top of actibe topics.

    U estil on that grug kasama. jost quit it now bfore its to late.
  7. feet grug, pump chest.

    kaa grug no need pump chest.

    kaa grug already have biggest club in all of jungle.
  8. I see thats olredy to late. We lost kasama to grug
  9. I mean trading seals/horns/circles would be nice.
  10. I mean I concur with the above statement
  11. Y estop ther?
    Les do ol items, lans, any bilongins, any an ol.
  12. because then the game becomes kingdoms of alts
  13. Thats what fidel castro wud say
  14. if castro played kaw he would probably make this thread
  15. This one took me a second, I admit.

    Trading land sounds hard, can I just lease it out to other kingdoms instead?
  16. Landlords at War?
  17. instead of clan wars, can we have turf wars?

    instead of arkosa, can we have snoop dogg?

  18. I kent imagine castro askin for markets to b open
  19. the way we have it now is capitalism you bridge dweller

    theres no competition in making a bunch of alts and giving land and gold to your main. we already have people with alts who charm farm