Legends of KaW, Part 1

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  1. Legends of KaW, Part 1

    Grass tickles his nape. Even in the chilly Fall breeze, nature manages to comfort him. Something about the beauty, or the sheer authenticity of it all. The forest is perhaps the pinnacle of nature's creation. Below the treeline teems with life, a battle of natural selection rages on throughout every square inch of land. Birds looking for worms, snakes slithering after mice, wolves hunting game. In the ground however, stability reigns. Tree roots bind the land together while they soak in moisture, in order to preserve and sustain the ecosystem. Then, above the treeline, there is the endless sky. Untouched by it all, the sky flies free, holding everything in place.

    In the middle of it all, there is a man. He lies beneath the trees, soaking all of it in. He looks up at the leaves, swaying gently and sometimes showing him glimpses of the sky above them. There is no greater gift of life, the man thinks, than to be able to behold such beauty. He breathes in deep, then exhales slowy. Time to go. He starts to get up, and that is when a huge tree creature steps down ontop of him, and crushes every single bone in his body. Neurons that were fired are cut short, and the man dies instantly, his body unable to process even its last moments in a beautiful, cruel world.

    Lignabelua stalks across the forest, toppling trees with each step. There is no fluidity to the dragon's gait. It is a monstrous being, and it presents itself as such. It is on the prowl for prey. Even the rules of the forest apply to this creature. Stalking through the lands, its head just reaches the heights of the shorter trees. Eventually, Lignabelua comes across what he has been searching for, a village. Panic sets in as the villagers realize what has stumbled into their home. A small militia is mustered. Farmers wield pitchforks against the dragon, risking everything to protect their home, the place they live and where their children were born. Lignabelua snorts. Nature knows not of justice. The tree dragon devours 3 men, scooping them up from the ground with its jaws. The other men run, knowing now that it is pointless to stand and fight. It doesn't matter. Lignabelua is upon them in two steps and a leap. The tree dragon digests the entire village, children and all. He licks his lips and turns back to begin the long voyage back to his den. Nature knows not of justice.
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    Nice read

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  3. idk whenever i get bored and make it
  4. Very nice once again! Where's A KaW Tale part 3?
  5. well ive hit an obstacle in that i was making up the story as i go along but im working on it slowly
  6. Sounds good, just wanted to make sure you were still doing it. I always look forward to more of your stories :D
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  8. Can I be in the Legends of KaW?
  9. yes thats what i said to you. good job
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