Legends Leader Boards

Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Domo, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. I’d say that I’m an above average active kaw player. I finish legends every time. I come no where near any Legend LB. I look at it in envy, but yet puzzled. Puzzled how these guys get those type of numbers. So I have a couple of questions and some ideas.

    How are the lb getting the numbers like that ?

    Does the numbers really need to keep moving , can’t the brackets be capped ?

    I think a revamp of sorts of the legends lb is kind of fitting now. Cap the three brackets. Sure they can keep going with their collection, but the bracket shouldn’t keep moving up.
    I’d like to get everyone’s comments and or further ideas of what the hell is going on. Thanks
  2. So what you are looking for is essentially new collection tiers?
  3. The tiers are ridiculously rising. Rewards can stay the same
  4. The only way to get on the LB is to empty your wallet several times over, its literally pey to win
  5. They’re opening royal boxes in their hundreds, maybe above 1-2k , what do you mean cap the brackets, i don’t get it. Since it’s top 500 , it’ll be whatever number #500 obtained.
  6. Its really not that hard once you get big enough and have a little bit of time and money/charms. Just jump around for ending goth/lotl and sit the weekend doing fast b2b tnk. At a certain size you onpy need to attack the eb 6-12 times for max drops.
  7. You can make top 100 without spending,jump jump and jump some more.
    Done this myself and didnt spend any money or hit any nk