Legends Coming Soon!

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  1. Devs please can you change the crow symbol for Legends on android ..it scares each time I open law...I guess it symbolises bad omen ...please change it to arkosa or sometime less offensive than the crow. Thank you for your time.
  2. Rip :(
  3. Any possibility of knowledge about estimated or whether exact releasing date of this new future? I also curious to know more informations about what type of rewards are available there for completing these "tasks" within this "Legend" button? I don't want to be rude or negative but this announcement isnt very detailed except of availability of platforms. What actually I know there gonna be a button and it is gonna be awesome. I only hope it isnt your one of the chat operator behind this development of my feedback history I am afraid we are screwed in this case. :)I wish the bests with this feature after all.
  4. Wow . introducing pimd Stories here :) :)
  5. Yep lol
  6. Are you mentally disabled oml
  7. New interface looks good!
  8. You know, the droid update moved the forum button. But a bit of it overlaps with where the button was previously, so that's quite nice to still hit it on accident.
  10. Hey about to come up on my 5 year of KaW achievement. I'm still waiting on you guys to come out with an update to let us choose which achievements to show on our profile, instead of the just recent ones. Be nice im sure it wouldn't be that hard.
  11. I'm guessing with the new update with legend button on its due for release very soon
  12. With the new face, the name is not clickable anymore. Where's the quick link to go to my profile?
  13. Love what y'all our doing to make this the game of the year, this should be on a console like PS4, and Xbox one to the real gamers.... I started back playing this game just to see how far I can go to get stronger and have my own clan to show them like so one show how to play thank you we love y'all darely️️
  14. Lol game of the year
  15. Just want to take a moment to appreciate caster and Bruce, you guys are hilarious
  16. Thought old players getting something lol
  17. Wow Devs.... such a huge update on the game and you still managed to forget about the community wish list by removing the useless items we have on our profile.... hooray
  18. Yeah, i have the same prob
  19. I have had the link problem for days now
    I'm not holding my breath in start sorting it out lol