Legends Coming Soon!

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  1. When this legends coming out I see you have items in marketplace for it now. You all must be testing it now for bugs.
  2. As pc users are not included forthis addition and no beta testing for droid yet releasing this anytime soon will leave this app completely unbalanced as if it isn't unbalanced enough as it is.I'm expecting another month or two.

  3. Here.

    This is some cheese to go with all that whine.
  4. For PC users, you can download BlueStacks and play it on PC like you use mobile device. I'm sure you know, so I said it.

    I'm Android user and looking forward to enjoy new feature, Legends in future. Keep it up good work, devs.
  5. Is there any way to apply, and get into the beta? This sounds fun, and I love beta testing mobile games.
  6. Beta testing signups have already passed for the legends.
  7. Is the beta testing over for legend over with when is it going to come out p
  8. How do I sign up for this beta? Or did I miss deadline?

  9. Beta ended :3
  10. Will be interesting to see if this feature is used or totally pointless :Thinking:
  11. Any release date ETA yet?
  12. 2020
  13. From the very start you've slowly made a mistake widen, that's one thing as a consumer I dislike the most about KaW. Is the fact of how diverse it is depending on the platform you're using. Any other game is broadly the same across all platforms, it's fair and it's ease of use. Not sure why this has never been the case with this game.
  14. I agree pc missing Big things that devices have per say: free speakers a day, biggest of all Devices easy pm on pc you have to scroll down the 10K people you have added
  15. Is there a launch date yet
  16. The launch date is soon
  17. Can you all just go ahead and rename the game, you have completely taken war out of it.....
  18. Looks good hope to see this soon๎€Ž๎€Ž๎€Ž
  19. I'm on iOS can I beta test?
  20. Beta tests are over.