Legends Coming Soon!

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  1. Many clans require high cs if you want to become a member of a good clan. Clan loyalty is a joke to the the smalls and mids.
  2. If only IOS is being beta tested with android at a later date,it seems like this new feature will be a long way into the future unless it's only for Apple users.
  3. I understand their need to test iOS first. The ranking in the app store is dismal. I can wait a bit for an update to droid. If it were a game changing update they would include all platforms.

    Edit: Rather, roll out the update at the same time.

  4. Who knows? We don't know what kind of things the legends will make you do. Maybe there's a whole "clans" section where one mission is to have x amount of "clan loyalty" however you could measure it.

    This update feels big.
  5. Why have the new system and is not available to PC then? Is unfair for other players, and give the disadvantage against mobile player.
  6. Who doesn't have a cell phone or other device? It is time to focus support on mobile and as others have stated limit PC functionality in part to address bots. "Im going to try this new game on PC Kingdoms at War" - said no one ever.
  7. I wanna be a beta tester now :(
  8. How can I b a beta tester for the android version?
  9. I'm testing this, and it looks very well designed so far. I'm super excited for the public release.
  10. ATA's discrimination against pc users reaches new heights. Couldn't get the free speakers mobile users got and now won't be able to play updated features :x ATA better change its advertising no longer a cross platform game... Which sucks I loved this stupid game, and yes not everyone has a mobile device or the ability to pay for the service. Not everyone gets obama phones
  11. Stole my idea that I gave you for free
  12. So just like customization in Mobile Strike.
  13. But they get computers instead? :lol:
  14. I mean, it still would be cross platform, right? iOS and android.
  15. Your dev team is lame. Can anyone say daisy chain?
  16. As they stated in one of their forums, trying to make this feature available for pc users it would be quite a challenge due to reformatting and coding, this would be only available for Android and IOS due to the system being easier due to mobile format.

    Plus this is only on a beta version first before everyone else actually gets it, so it's best to wait till the proper program finishes with all the bug catches, adding or changing things within the beta.

    Everything usually takes place one step at a time so best to have patience.
  17. I wanna be a Beta Tester. On iOS iPhone 7 lol
  18. No support unless u can release on all platforms at the same time, seems unfair to pc & droid users both be to b on the later end of development as usual, how bout doing droid first this time?...looks like u'll have to hire more staff if u want happier customers across all platforms.
  19. Beta testing for iOS and Android are taking place at different times. That's not to say they'll be released at different times once everything has been finalised and tested.

    Currently, I don't believe there's a release date for either platform.
  20. And thus ends the era of the PC KaW'er.

    Condolences PC peeps :(
    Hope you will rejoin us on your phones!
    Then you will become the mobile Kaw'er like most of us :)
    Able to hit anywhere anywhen! Haha :D

    Hope to see this do nothing but improve the game Devs.
    Good show ;D