Legends Coming Soon!

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  1. so nothing for the pc version? how many players are you trying to drive away lol. is this how all new features are going to be in the future?
  2. Are they all individual, or will there be clan legends? Or is that a "in the works" "can't give a date" possibility ;-)
  3. Falco approves 
  4. Looking at your pic of a archer I guess the new lands need to come out 1st,need to build a Archery to train them.
  5. This feature isn't being designed for PC at this time, no. It will only be available on iOS and Android.

    For those on PC it's not ideal, but it's a tradeoff that we had to make in terms of bringing this feature in a timely fashion due to the substantial differences in mobile and PC versions.
  6. I've been selected as a beta tester , I'm on a galaxy tho so I can't beta test till way later after ios?
  7. Yeah, sorry! This time around the beta will only be for iOS. No announcements on a possible Android beta.
  8. Reminds me of Oregon trail.
  9. Introducing new plot - "Dysentery"!
  10. Woo I'm an iOS tester 
  11. Ok this looks pretty exciting - we all been dying for new content. a big cheer from me :)

    Just completely scrap PC format altogether it would solve almost every grumble in KaW from cheating to lag disadvantage on phones over PC. everyone has a phone these days ;)
  12. Looks awesome can't wait to see it rolling.

    As for those on pc I'm sorry we won't see it but in all to take one game and design it for 3-4 platforms is resource intense work wise, in turn would making releasing additions a lot more time consuming. I can see the reasoning for this as i don't know if that's the reason but it can clearly be one, I would focus where it would count the most in a business standpoint.

    Great work ATA now I'm going to sit and wait the arrival :)

  13. Well well... now we both have something interesting.
  14. How come I wasn't chosen to be a beta tester ;/, do I have to check my email?
  15. Yes check your email - also I think if you can see this forum.. you've been chosen. :)
  16. Yes, check your email.
    And everyone can see this forum. This is just an announcement of things to come.

  17. There are 2 new forum sections that only beta testers can see