Legends Coming Soon!

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  3. Any word on when the Amazon update will be available?
  4. So has anyone else noticed that "commander Brannyn" has one arm? I question his effectiveness in battle...
  5. Seriously??? The great new and exciting feature is a new front page layout and Legends which is basically quests and the special events renamed with some 1990's tacky animation. Really, that the best you can do?
  6. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha
  7. He has a slight resemblance to Gerald butler you know that actor guy.
  8. Ofc it's not but why would they give u their best when so many chumps keep funding this reskinned & low effort crud already?
  9. Thank you Grant!
  10. Collect rewards button not working here on my phone! !!!!!
    Please sort it
  11. Im just going to leave this here...

  12. lmao lmabao
  13. why did ata take my breastplate i maxxed it out from a ring and now its gone?

  15. Now that the legends have been released for a few days I would like to share some input. I am using the game on a Samsung galaxy grand prime so i cannot speack for ios.

    The UI is horrible. Trying to use the legends menu is horrible compared to the old event UI. If ATA is thinking about keeping this i would sugest major refinement including getting rid of the massive wasted space. I cannot express how much of a let down this release of Legends is. I spend a lot of money on this game and being only a novice computer programmer I can tell that it wouldnt take alot of time or effort to create something better.

    My second biggest problem is that using this for events, I am not motivated to excell in event because it doesnt give a list of goals like the old events. im only shooting for 7k atm where I could be shouting higher if i knew how far i would need to shoot.
  16. Just like Stories in PIMD. I had too many problems since Legends update was released. I DO NOT APPROVE. I suggest go back to old style.
  17. I'm approaching nearly 8 years playing this game. As of the last year I've completely lurked given the direction this game has taken.

    For the time it took to have this update, I was hopeful for something more impactful, but it's truly a weak update. Start considering making a kaw 2. This apps glory days are long-over, just being honest. A bulk of your community has migrated over better managed games.

    For the income this app has generated in the sum of ata's lifespan, it would be an insult not to make a sequel, especially when you take into account what this app symbolized to the founders of ata.
  18. So.....after years of KaWing, the devs have decided to dump the PC users in favour of Ios users, it seems Android is seen as second best, too....
    Suddenly our cash and involvement is deemed worthless, and we are abandoned.
    If it's too difficult to roll out new format events beyond IoS, perhaps you shouldn't bother. It's worked perfectly fine up till now.
    A great pity.
  19. Don't like the idea of just forgetting about pcs, as a lot of players use them. I guess its going to be the way of all the older apple phones on the scrap heap every time you want to make the game fancier shame on you.
  20. Fix PvP events please