Legends are almost here!

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  1. Wait shouldn't you be encouraging fighting?
  2. Not that kind, thats more like small children squabbling about who has better toys.

    Fight in the game not on forums
  3. He's too small for me to fight in game lol
  4. No point waiting your time talking poo with him then is it?
  5. How much this costing us
  6. He started it :p
  7. Support 4 legends
  8. Don't they already have this on pimd? Its basically just more events lol yay.

    How about bring the spinner to kaw so we can watch ads for some goodies.

    Also a showcase where all this useless equip can go that we've accumulated over the years.
  9. In fact I agree with trap. Thanks for noticing.
  10. Let's just combine both apps
  11. I'd support scrapping kaw so we can all move to pimd.
  12. Thanks Nobody, I appreciate it.
  13. im not getting rid of the beta until its out. i cant lose this layout :cry:
  14. Wish they'd make thus game about war again and not just events
  15. Aren't you the guy who complains about drops every single event lmao
  16. Is this pay to win? Do the average players that don't have a big bank balance have any chance of succeeding?
  17. No
  18. Ah okay cool. With these endless zta weekends, and now the premium ebs during events, it would be good if devs just do something for the community that does not entice people to spend more money than they already have done.
  19. This dev core philosophy is why this game failsÓźā
  20. Aren't you the guy who can't grow past one week's worth of stats? Lmao.

    P.s. Devs already stated drops are not working how they want. :)