Legends are almost here!

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  1. Hello folks, today we're ready to announce that Legends are almost here! In fact, some of you might already get the update on Google Play store... But first things first!

    If you want to know what Legends are and how they work, you should check out the "Legends Coming Soon!" thread in the "Announcements" section of our forums. It should explain the feature and how exactly it works.

    The big question today is, how do you get access to Legends?

    For Android users:

    We will be slowly rolling out the Legends update to all Android players over the next few days. When it’s available, you’ll see the update in the Google Play Store. Make sure to refresh the store each day to not miss it! Here’s how the feature will look in game (note the incredible Raven messenger)

    For iOS users:

    An update will be available for ALL users at the same time sometime next week. We're just waiting on Apple to update us. Here's how the feature will look in game

    Please note that we will not be releasing any actual Legends content just yet, but rather getting the system in place. For now you’ll simply see a Coming Soon message, with actual Legends content in the near future!

    We hope you'll enjoy Legends and feel free to ask us any questions!
  2. Awesome! I see you are moving some buttons around on android, should take a bit to get used to.
  3. Sounds great
  4. Wheres my money?
  5. Android design > Ios design
  6. I don't even care I just want new lands.
  7. what about Amazon devices?
  8. Legends on Amazon will be available around the same time as it will become available for everyone else. So basically yes!
  9. just get a better device, honestly.
  10. Nobody cares what you want
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  12. u r only 350mcs, become albc then ask for lands
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  14. OI! No fighting.
  15. He gets it.
  16. I've been here for ages.
  17. Only the insecure ones talk about size
  18. I do not like the marketplace move on android. My muscle memory is 3 years strong for that device. You guys are trying to kill us android users off aren't ya :roll:
  19. Can't wait, looks exciting. Can't wait to see the potential you devs have drawn out of it.