Legendary Weekend Challenge I!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Charlie, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Welcome to our very first Legendary Weekend Challenge!

    What is Legendary Weekend Challenge you ask? Challenges are very special tasks that will be assigned to you through Legends and will have a limited time to complete. For the whole weekend and more, from Friday to Monday, you'll receive very special Legend tasks. Accept them and finish them in time to receive the Sealed Dekhul Scrolls of Triumph - BLUE and unlock the next task. The top 1000 Scroll collectors will be featured in the leaderboard and receive hefty rewards!

    This weekend's challenges will be focused entirely on EBs, so there will be no PvP weekend. But do not worry, our PvP loving players will have an opportunity to go all-out next weekend in a series of special PvP challenges!
  2. I can get behind this, something new and interesting.
  3. If only I was a fairy 
  4. K so how do you see the leaderboard? And what are we collecting these things for?
  5. I think it's attached to the amount of epic battles finished?

    This thread is not that helpful

    So I should complete bunch of warbeast @30 seconds each to get to rewards?

    What is really going on here?

    Imagine I'm a ten year old kid, (target audience) explain this, what is this, why do I want it,

    Why should we be doing normal event rotation lotl/goth

    When it takes hours to finish, while we could be doing warbeast for no event items but get these scrolls instead?

    What is this
  6. The stones are permanent inventory items?
  7. Well the item has 4k stats that's exciting
  8. Nice, so now the zta clans will benefit twice as much.. Both event items, fast ebs1~10mins, has item bars= can do infinite ztas per h... Hope theres not just kill alot of ebs in this challenge or else warbeast/zta clans will be top 1000 np
  9. No pvp just pay to play wknd lolo whats wrong ata behind on yalls monthly bonus checks
  10. Thats stupid I needed pvp smh
  11. This is exactly what I was hoping for with the introduction of legends! It's great to see the new functionality being implemented and the KAW experience continually being enriched. I look forward to seeing where this goes, keep up the great work! 
  12. A great new addition to clan loyalty plans.. way to go devs
  13. We need more info to find out if this is worth investing time to do b2b warbeast rather than normal event rotation. Ever since Legends released the info as to what's going on has been scarce and so far Events seems to be a much better system than this.
  14. One paying to play is actually not better than warbeast trains for this. Two pvp is next weekend learn to read.
  15. Well you could stay in your clan and run warbeasts hmm theres your clan loyalty
  16. 'Hefty Rewards that statement is too vague,leaving a Goth/LotL with good gold and drops for that statement just isn't worth it.
    Fill in the blanks Charlie,so we can determine if this weekend event is worth it.
  17. Great advice.. this will fix my illoyality towards myself
  18. Loyal people will be loyal regardless of clan rewards and unloyal people will be unloyal clan rewards wont do anything,
    People just want free stuff
  19. These events are to bridge the gap between big players and small players. Not everything is for the big people. This is really good for small clans that do b2b small ebs.