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  1. Where do they come from? How do we get them? It’s so legendary (for now) that I only see 1 for every 10 players I’ve checked has it. And so far only 1 legend charm, the Netherskull. You can’t trade them (yet) and limited to 1 per player only.
  2. Wasn't area area charms legendary some jus old an before our time
  3. It came from the first week of the netherking, every netherking you did you got a chance to win one. They dropped like two times per eb, unfortunately I didnt get one :/
  4. I’ll swap mine for cake
  5. I can confirm that the netherking still drops them so you haven't lost your chance :)
  6. I got mine from netherking drop
  7. To reconfirm, I just saw one drop as well.
  8. I did not know they still dropped, cool.
  9. Also confirm,I got mine last month
  10. Someone just got the drop an hour ago, keep trying, you'll get one
  11. Can you get more then one? Or?
  12. Nope if u look on people's showcase it says limit : 1
  13. Just got one today.
  14. Everyone got one from the very first netherking I believe!!!
  15. I have a nether skull
  16. What does that charm look like?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.