Leaving Kingdoms At War

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  1. Since no body knows or how that arson city was disbanded by a weird accident of a push of a button by some else.

    And no , I'm not blaming kingdoms at war for this.

    I'm leaving and going back to part in my dorm instead.

    Would the kingdoms at war head war chief pretty please delete my account number from here please.

    I was a blust and yes i did have fun with you.

    Tell we meet again. ~ Fran 
  2. Idek who you are or what arson city was but good luck and hopefully you don't have to find your self back in this game lol
  3. It takes a confirmation click to disband, accident seems unlikely. I stopped by arson city a few times though. Peace 
  4. Judging by the ads in wc and the 5h worth of eb history, it actually appears to have been remade. Best of luck continuing members! I look forward to more visits.
  5. Arson City is back
  6. I can only read AC as Armor Class. Seems im broken, lol. Luck tho!
  7. ⚜Arson City⚜
    Unlocking to Goth/Noth
    Accepting 150mcs⤴️
  8. I was gonna say I just seen the clan page minutes ago..couldn't have been gone long. :roll: