Learn to War this Thursday!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. that wont get a response
  2. Ok i think you have actually cracked it the Indy wars are GREAT was very dubious about them at first, however I thought they have gone to all this effort let's give it a bash. Great idea and great fun let's hope they make all wars Indy  Yes that's right let's do away with stacked rosters and just have Indy wars . Come on Devs you know it's a great idea, let's get everyone involved in wars and have Indy wars the only wars from now on, they work great. I am personally giving them a 10/10 and 5stars and a blue peter badge.  Well done and thank you we all love it 
  3. Indie wars best idea kaw has ever had
  4. So when should I leave my clan to make the last war?
  5. FIN - Is it not important to support the new players as well? If they don't then there won't be any new players and also there won't be any new warrers. It's definitely important to help the older players stay interested, but almost all of the updates are dedicated to them, so quit crying about it the first time you don't get all the attention.
  6. I prefer to learn to war on a Friday or Saturday. Thursday isn't a learning day for me.
  7. what about cst?
  8. Ok mossheart first off nice build.

    Second the clan and pvp updates that im talking about the devs said months
    That they were turning out clan enhancements and pvp updates. It seems theyve completely abandon these updates to suit fairies n noob builds like urself.
  9. I think this ee lv 0 spell has reduced my plunder by 10% what the hell dev
  10. But yes. I understand new players must be welcomed and supported. How did TT help them again? Not to mention on hte/rowb tt we as a comm said no support n complained on 122 pages. Instead of listening they did another tt. Wanna bet there will b another tt tomm?
  11. Ooh I'm so offended...... My point still stands, the majority of updates are aimed towards bigger players (with money?) so personally I think this is a great change to the norm and proves the community are being heard :)
  12. You should leave your clan by 4PM PDT, or in roughly 45 minutes from the time of this post.
  13. Kaw would it be possible for indie wars to be ran 3 times a day everyday
  14. Really wish we had longer than a days heads up.
  15. Thursday is such a bad day for this...
  16. I restarted my app and everything, still no rewards 
  17. Probably because you lost with less then 10 actions
  18. Again KaW community, please answer my question at top of page 20
  19. ^ cause you didnt cast much mith ?
  20. I see I'm matched against Alcyone.

    Sounds fun :twisted: