Learn to War this Thursday!

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. Yeah... Name the thread to learn to war..... In a fixed period.... With no stripping or any threat to lose anything but a bit of gold. Screw you devs, your game is already ruined and you make it worse every update.
  2. If no spell is giving just a prank by devs support
  3. Was fun, warred with my main who has no towers and was inactive first 15 mins but still got 2.4b plunder and only got 2 successfukl attacks on me. although we lost by 2b cos we had a inactive was fun and definitely will try again. Thanks devs:)
  4. Why was there *** on my thread? Lol it meant to say successful
  5. I think this was a great idea! Brought out lots of peeps who usually wouldn't war and I participated in 2 of the wars and had a great time :) it certainly makes me want to war more and learn more aspects of the game. One issue though was there were lots of people just joining for plunder bonus and not being active in eb which did effect some of the outcomes of the wars but other than that I loved it and thought it was great! :)
  6. Active in war* not eb :lol:
  7. Guys restart your apps if you didnt see your rewards after war 
  8. My bad should of restarted lol
  9. I'm such an eb fairy I put eb instead of war 
  10. Good idea devs
    We need more people to war if we want to enjoy its concept correctly .. Cough (SH GH) Cough
  11. So far turnout for wars has been great. Hopefully this trend continues :)

    To those of you who had your first war experience today, how was it?
  12. Didnt get my spell even though i was hitting hard for a newbie
  13. I like the spell I got  EE 1 cause I WON!
  14. This has been really good, but wars being 2-3am in some time zones isn't ideal.....
  15. Besides that war was adrenaline. One hour seemed like 5 mins
  16. KaW community please answer my question at top of page 20
  17. I was in vicious rovers so you can see this
  18. Ok how's it work I don't hit until I know my clan will win?
  19. So what event to support fairies n noobs is next devs?
    Another TT?

    Whatever happened to the clan enhancements we were promised months ago?

    The PvP updates we were promised months ago?

    S4 updates?