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  1. Learn New Things

    That's right, everyone! This is a new thread where everyone can share new knowledge they've acquired!

    The Purpose of this thread

    1: When a player posts a in this thread of any new knowledge that they have learned, others can ask questions about it or even just talk and discuss about it! This will in turn, enable stronger retention of a specific subject to one's memory more firmly. This will not only help someone retain an important information if they need it so - to ace their exams but can also help someone in their daily lives in terms of remembering something important!

    2: Motivates the user to focus on the present and think more about the new information learned! With that saying, when a topic of a newly acquired knowledge is discussed, the player who shares the new information will be far less likely to forget about it!

    The Rules of the Thread

    1: You can post any knowledge you newly acquired! The more recent it is, the better!

    2: As much as we can use Rule 1, we will still have to abide by the Terms of Use and Rules of Conduct stated in Kingdoms At War! Please do not violate those rules, the TOU and ROC are above Rule number 1 of this thread so to speak!

    3: In relation to Rule 1, the recommended topics to post of newly acquired knowledge are some examples of (1: A new mathematics formula has been derived to solve a maths problem. 2: You want to talk about a new feature that has been implemented in a game. 3: You want to share something new that has recently happened on your country's news! (i.e. a new car crash accident!) or, 4: You can even talk about anything new that you have learnt today!

    4: A topic of discussion can go as long as one post to more than twenty pages! I don't mind that, and I can challenge myself to juggle more than ten different topics to discussion!

    5: Please respect everyone's opinions or statements. Unless a statement or forum post is found to be pure assumptions without reference to back up their words, it is best recommended to provide a URL link to reference. (For me, I personally like to do reference and In-text citation alltogether.)

    6: Lastly, don't forget to have fun!


    "If you teach someone something, you get to learn it twice! And by sharing what you have learned, you will also help me learn too!" ~8 December 2018~

    Topics discussed

    To be updated as a player shares something new.

    Let's get Learning!

    If you're not sure how to participate in this thread of learning, I'll start!

    1: Super Mario Odyessey: Jump Up, Super Star!

    I am in the middle of learning how to memorize the lyrics of this song! It's so cheerful and can make me jump every time!
  2. It’s super easy to make noobs cry with inc now a days
  3. Oddly enough the lyrics of this song is engrained into my brain. I think it's the deep sense of nostalgia of seeing Mario and Paulina again. Plus I've gotten into CG and just being able to understand the way this game is (technical aspects) designed and made makes me super happy. Nintendo did an amazing job with this game. It's very hard to make me teary eyed.

    Fun fact: Mario's full name is "Mario Mario" and his brothers name is "Luigi Mario". Hence "Mario Bros".

    Edit Typo*
  4. I’ve learned organic chemistry is the devil 
  5. Today I learnt that the pm of our country is a steaming pile of poo and should be made to recite "iam a steaming pile of poo untill she dies of old age! Then we can bury her and write on her gravestone here lies a pile of poo! We can then get everyone to to write in a book of condolences she was a pile of steaming poo! Then erect a statue of her get some horses to poo on the ground and job done
  6. Interesting! Could you elaborate in detail a little further, Zeus? Do they post in player's walls after they get a series, or waves of incoming hits?
    I'm glad you would listen to "Jump Up, Super Star!" While it may seem childish on one angle if people look at it that way, in another way it's 100% positive!

    By the way, does Mario have any relationship with Paulina from this song? Because as far as I know Mario still loves Princess Peach!

    Tell me more about it! How and why would you say or view, that organic chemistry is indeed the devil?
    Pharzup, what's the name of the president you mentioned? And which country is that?
  7. Mario and Pauline are ex-lovers. Way back since the first Donkey Kong game when Pauline was known as "Lady" and Mario was known as "Jumpman" it was heavily implied that they were romantically involved with eachother.

    Sometime down the timeline they broke up, it was before the Mario vs Donkey Kong 2 game. It was never stated why they broke up but it was hinted and pretty obvious that Mario wanted to expand his plumbing business with his brother Luigi whilst also buy a Island and open a theme park. Pauline on the other hand wanted to pursue her political career and is now the Mayor of New Donk City.

    Dispite their break up Pauline and Mario remain extremely close friends and she still manages/runs Mario's "Super Mini Mario World" theme park. They're also always VIP at each other's parties!

    Yeah I know I'm a huge Nintendo nerd for knowing all this and spending hours reading through character sheets, notes and even replaying old games.
  8. Let's bring in a brand new topic to the learning thread! This time, it will be chess! But of course, any other topic is still welcome!

    White to move and checkmate in 2

    For those who can't see the pieces that were covered by the Photobucket watermark, here are the following pieces's coordinates:

    The black bishop is currently in the b2 square, while the white pawn is on the d2 square!

    Good luck and happy puzzle solving
  9. 1. Qb4+ Qd4
    2. Nf2# 1-0
  10. Incorrect!

    1: Qb4+, d4
    2: Nf2+, Kd5.

    Black king escapes after d4. Try again!

  11. Oh, I get it now.

    1. Nd4 is the starting move.
    If 1. ... Qxb7 then 2. Rg4# 1-0
    If 1. ... exd4 then 2. Qxd5# 1-0
    If 1. ... Bxd4 then 2. Qb1# 1-0
    If 1. ... Qxd4 then 2. Qxa7# 1-0
    If 1. ... Kxd4 then... wait, this isn't a mate in 2 puzzle o.o

    But I did learn that you need to stop the d4 pawn from moving forward in order to prevent the king from escaping,interesting puzzle indeed
  12. The first three, Qxb7, exd4 and Bxd4 is correct. You got the checkmate!

    However, the 4th notation is
    incorrect because 1:....Qxd4, 2: Qa7

    4th notation: Black queen captured white's knight, meaning the black queen is not there for white queen to capture it. And Qa7 is not a check. It will be met by
    2: Qxa7, losing the white queen and black survives.

    The 5th notation, Kxd4...actually can't escape a mate in 2. There is a checkmate on the next move! Look again!

    Can you catch the last two escape routes for Black? Or will the king finally escape?

  13. Yeah, I meant Qxh7 will be mate.

    Kxd4 is also met with Qb4# 1-0 too

    Finally :)
  14. Good Morning everyone! Happy 8th December 2018! Today's new topic of the day is about a new console Nintendo Switch game named...

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I started playing this game since September 2018, and I can say through all my experiences I have learnt quite a lot from this game!

    Aside the fighting mechanics, I learnt from the main storyline of the game is that a young boy (the guy holding the sword) has a critical mission to take a girl named
    Pyra to a place called Elysium, where the World Tree is situated!

    What really keeps me in the game is not just the many functionalities of the game such as the complex inventory system, shopping and brand new names of items to remember to add to my vocabulary! Like the
    Abyss Vest, Infantry Vest, Friendship Ring, Nopon's Hat for example!

    You can see that the six people,
    Rex, Pyra, Nia, Dromarch, Tora and Poppi (the robot) have become good friends and will stand together in the test of time!

  15. I have learned how much I hate Physics, each lecture i take makes me hate it more
  16. Aww, bummer! Why do you hate Physics, DeltaForceGM01? Did you manage to get any takeaways from the lecturer's teaching?
  17. I’ve learned something.....

    It’s called kaw privilege. Let me try to explain in a way that even Sean can understand.
    This thread looks very familiar. Looks like it’s the same as
    Bella’s thread that was locked. The thread that you can post anything for discussion......anything.....and the thread couldn’t be derailed. It was implied in the title. Mods locked it.
    Now Sean starts the same type of thread for random posts of subjects.....anything.....and it’s premise is that it can’t be derailed. Sean’s thread stay unlocked.

    Kaw privilege. Sean has kaw privilege. Now you have learned something new. Sean has copied someone else’s thread idea and it is allowed to stay unlocked even while Bella’s past thread was locked for going off topic this thread stays open.
    Kaw privilege. Kaw privilege is what mods allow some to have in kaw. It’s privilege to post whatever you want and not get locked. The thread is protected by kaw privilege.

    What say you?