Leaks/Inactives in War

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  1. Locate the leak and asign a team to be on top of the traitor. After war strip the leak.
  2. Lol that’s why I don’t miss wars

    I used to war all the time but my war claws are on the mantle collecting dust
  3. Requesting devs to stop side legend where 2 war wins give you a free key. Please!!! we don't want any free key. Just don't keep war wins as side legend. These eb fairies cast just for the free key but they ruin war for whole clan. Peeps who take time out of their real life to war and have fun should not feel like they wasted their 2 hours because of someone who does not know what sko is. From last 2 wars I am feeling like I am wasting my time with these dumb eb accounts looking for free key.
  4. Will look into this
  5. When the support team gives that response, they look into the specific player and war mentioned, and confirm whether the person was active or inactive and takes action based on those results. In most cases, players are given shattered swords. In more severe cases, some players are given year-long shattered swords.
  6. we luv u winston
  7. Side note can we have an update on whether or not new asw will be Iwar or KA? I am hoping for KA so we don’t have people who are alb failing on those who have 500-2T charms 
  8. Thank Winston, could you post step my step on how to report so everyone knows?