Leaks/Inactives in War

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  1. Devs/Mods please give us clear instructions on what to do when someone is inactive in war and/or deliberately leaks costing team the war.

    These wars take 2 hours and are supposed fun. The games name is Kingdoms at War, but these people ruin it and you keep losing good players because of it.

    With all wars being random matchmaking what can the players who take 2 hours out of their life to relax and enjoy this game do to prevent people from ruining it?

    Can allies be 100% locked when woc casted? Can our plunder be default to 0 when war starts and returns to normal after war like our cs in LL? Can there be a new report button for every player to make it easy?

    Something needs to be change!
  2. Would be a nice addition if any gold a player has out at the start of a war was put “in hold” until the war ended. I see two main benefits.

    1) You would be able to war with gold out. I know this stops a lot of people who don’t want to lose tens/hundreds of trillions by banking from warring. Would encourage participation.

    2) Reduces the effectiveness of having an alt or friend leak in the opposing clan. Reduces abuse.

    Also takes away the hassle of having to get cleared, etc.
  3. all great ideas support
  4. If any of these issues can be address by devs I wouldn’t mind the new LL format but I doubt that will happen
  5. Support
  6. Still waiting on response???
  7. It would certainly encourage me to give War a go if gold out was inviolate.
  8. You can report them and bot will reply back to you "We will investigate and take appropriate action" this is what they do and this is what they can do.
  9. allies shouldnt be locked, its war, agree with gold though
  10. You can report them and bot will reply back to you "We will investigate and take appropriate action" this is what they do and this is what they can do.[/quote].

    I get that Shy and thank you but I want to see devs/mods in here. I want to see them care about the game they made and see them work towards bettering it.

    They thing is, wars are what make them money so they will focus on events, lands and promos.

    If they don’t respond I’m done and it won’t be long until others get fed up with the same issues and do the same.
  12. AREN’T ***
  13. You mean that as long as a warring participating player has at least
    1 gold out, he is actually technically not involved in the start of the war, not being targetable by his opponents until he makes the first action?

    And if a player does not have any gold out at all, the
    "put hold" effect is not going to apply to him and opponents can attack him before he makes the first action?
  14. What if silver bars etc. weren't discounted when sold?
  15. One suggestion would be if person is not active 15min in to war, to disable that person from any damage, once person is back he would count tower actions..

    Would be nice to have a war that once you do action it activates you in to the war itself ..

    Let’s say you don’t do any actions you would be unreachable.. only once you hit That button outs you back in....
  16. Alls fair in love and war. Back during some of the first allstar wars people were able to be kicked for being accused of leaking and never got their all star badges -cough- thanks devs -cough-
  17. He meant the gold would be put on hold, not the player. So you can war without having to bank your gold.
  18. I mean that when the war starts (timer hits 0), everyone’s gold out resets to 0. Then at the end of the war it’s automatically put back.
  19. some of these ideas are so awful, OP's idea was fine, lock gold and potentially allies.
  20. Allies 100% locked when woc casted would be foolish, it would have to be within reason