Layups for Lauren

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  1. So I don't know if y'all have seen it, but there is a heart warming video on most news channels and on espn. There's this girl named Lauren who has cancer that will be ending her life in two weeks. All she wanted to do was play one time in her schools basketball game. Granting this wish, her school moved opening week up two weeks so she could participate. The video on CNN shows her struggling to keep up with the team during practice and the lead up to the game. The day of the game, the first play the ball is tipped to her team. She goes for a layup and scores the first score for the game. After the layup, she no longer plays. She struggled during practice, and seeing her make the shot, her team cleared the benches and piled around her hugging her. She has two weeks left to live and the one thing she asked for before she died came true. Truly goes to show no matter how difficult your life is, no matter what struggle you are going through, it's never to late to dream. Just like the ice bucket challenge, there is going to be a challenge called "Layups for Lauren" in order to raise awareness for her terminal cancer. This was the best video I have watched in a while and truly made me realize that life is a valuable thing and you should be grateful for everything you have and do. Thank you for your time. :)
  2. I don't know wat to say I'm speechless and it is hard for me to b speechless
  3. It's super sweet.
  4. Wow only us posted
  5. I guess this thing is gonna appear somewhere sooner or later, but can someone give me a TL;DR for that wall of text?
  6. Dying girl wanted to shoot a basketball at a game. School let her. Fans go wild. New challenge thatll be plastered everywhere soon.
  7. Yea more posted
  8. Nice story glad her wish came true
  9. Nice story