Lay of the Rimelands

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  1. Pvp weekend? :(
  2. All about that money. If you guys would stop force feeding them cash to hit top spots, they would limit the events.
  4. I am fairly new to KaW and i dont invest in games until i think it is worth my back braking dollar...that said..i think the events back to back have given me a good starting point to try out this game. I would like to thank the GM's or whatever you call them here for their efforts in assembling these events. While i learn the ropes, events like these help me try new things out like wars,pvp, and ebs that otherwise i dont get a chance to do. Overall, i guess i am trying to say..Thanks GM's.
  5. So how do we get da thingy????
  6. When do we get banner tokens
  7. Banner Tokens can be obtained by doing the epic battle or war events. They will be rewarded at the end of the event.
  8. Instead of calling them gm's (Game Masters?) ._. Peoples say devs>Developers
  9. General moderators?
  10. Do you have to do a war, pvp and normals ebs to get a banner???
  11. Pvp only helps get cures
    5000 and more will earn banner tokens
    War top 100
  12. Events driving me crazy, but ATA wouldn't do events if they were not working and if people didn't like them. People will spend money on what they value and what they like. So, ATA are the best judge of this as they will receive all the data... I say, give people what they like and if that is events then so be it and bring on more events. This may mean that I need to find another method of wasting my time and another strategy of lessoning the boredom that is life.
  13. How do you get the rime tokens for the banners?
  14. How do you get the tokens?
  15. Look at event rewards.......
  16. The Banner Tokens can be obtained from the epic batyle and the war part of the event.

    Atleast 5,000 Cursebreak Remedies are needed to get 1 Banner Token. Check the Event page in-game.

    I hope this answered the question! :)