Lay of the Rimelands

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  1. I also have Rime Chests. The HF chest is not a Rime Chest. The Rime keys do not open HF chests. The images aren't working for anyone in my clan. Many of us have been getting HF Chest drops from higher level EBs along with Rime Chest drops.
  2. ^agreed. Kingdoms_at_war_king, go crawl in a corner moron.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Luckstar worded it perfectly.
  4. HF chest issue resolved. Ty.

  5. This is going to be awesome
  6. ;)lmao haha
  7. Who u guys seriously put it back to back like this. You guys are pretty good at this, but this time really. Even the name is lame.
  8. This constant event is getting stupid . Devs love the $ I reckon . Not so fun for the people tho .
  9. For the next event they should double the time token rewards for each tier starting at 5k.
  10. The Devs are late, I need part 3!!!!!!!
  11. I joined, played, and dumped my money into Kingdoms of WAR.
    Not Kingdoms of Events
    Any chance I can get a refund now you have ruined the game?
  12. Should be out in about 4 hours now
  13. If u didnt realise the events involve you doing the same things you would normally do just getting extra rewards for them. The events dont force you to do anything extra, you can still play the game exactly as you intend. Just the events will reward you for it.
  14. Fun? No. Good? Yes
  15. Quit belly aching ppl if you don't like the game make your own
  16. People moan when there is no events moan when there are many pull your heads out your asses and just be happy with it. I actually like them get a chance to get free crux and tons of gold to ug so don't see the problem but devs owe me a Ferrari!!!
  17. How much long until part 3
  18. 8 minutes
  19. yes about 7 min now - I can do a count down if you like