Lay of the Rimelands - Part 3: For Love of Blood

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Yay!!! boots 3x worse than the percentage ones that drop from an EB. I know which event I won't try for top 50 in.
  2. With all the ppl that have enchanted their Resonators why haven't you released the new Sveruganti eb,now would be the right time for it to be released.
  3. If someone runs back to back SR I may go to that clan rather than the HTE clan I am in now to get the Pinioned Boots which is better than this one.
  4. The equip sucks. Only reason is the silver bars.
  5. I am calling a raid at KaW HQ and I will steal 5k seals, 20k xstals, Enough rime tokens and 20 Quadrillion gold With me. Only thing you have to do is to give us rime token rewards back
  6. Where's the OffHand Equip Guys
  7. This can't be serious, boots? Are you kidding me
  8. Wow boots? Lol that's crappy
  9. This gonna take bare timeeee

    Or should I say, rime ???

  10. Support
  11. Did you forget the banner tokens? Don't see them mentioned among the rewards!
  12. I got 1 trill from last event and it really helped me out, looking forward to the money from this event
  13. Found the banner the lens listed, had to restart app :)
  14. Found the banner tokens listed, had to restart app :)
  15. Hahaha.

    For all of those folks complaining of the promo's happening too quickly without a break...stop whining about boots as a reward. Here's your break, take the next 2 weeks off. You can pretend this promo doesn't exist.
  16. How do u open your chest from a pc
  17. Those are some sexy boots. 

    Oh wow, anyway happy KAW'ing all 
  18. Jus to let all that are complaining bout event....if u don't like it don't play kaw plain an simple I think devs are doing a great job an love the back story an all in this event I think they gave like 7 or 8 free xstals j us to give them out .oh by the way thanks devs for them my opinion this has been the best event yet ...jus saying stop complaining so much ppl ..have fun it's a game