Lay of the Rimelands: drops

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  1. Destroyer - 140 weed
  2. Follows same drop table as Aqua/Inferno Event
  3. This thread has the average amount dropped
  4. 500 from fod .?
    400 for aff ?
    I've been to a couple aff and not one person got more then 330 hmm something wrong
  5. Clever, you changed the eb tokens thread.
  6. Just posting what people say, if you got a correct value please post it and I'll gladly correct.
  7. Yep, as I stated at the end of last event, I would do it this way.
  8. Despair = 50 weed
  9. had 542 drop on fod. it could be beacuse a battle cry was activated during it, so idk.
  10. Thanks
  11. I got 550 weed from lotl
  12. Just got 560 salt from FoD but I max xtal'd so that could be it.
  13. Rotwb- 6 combined
  14. Thanks everyone.
  15. scionic storm 218 weed.
  16. Keeping atop AT
  17. Thanks eb your the best (1:

  18. Yqw
  19. Was asked to bump this.