last try to make this game playable

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  1. Hello! My name is GOLDEN-MINOTAUR. You can call me MINO or GOLD. Tbh I prefer GOLD but what ya gonna do. I started a clan called SILVER. I did it because I love Kaw. No I'm kidding, I did it because I drink a lot. Now I'm here in forums ( which I love, because it's full of intelligent discussion) to ask you to consider a new war system.
    This system would allow a clan. ( a clan used to exist because, well it used to exist) to WAR

    Before a clan war: WL casts a different spell. This designates them as WL. Everyone else casts normal spell
    After match WL is randomly given 3 strong spells out of 10 possibles
    Only WL knows what spells they have
    They then cast their spells during war.
    This would add a random element to clan war

    Theoretical examples:
    Gold: gives all opposition 1 bill gold
    Ko: kos any member 1 hit
    Bum shine : all hits in 20 seconds return against hitter
    Sun Bine: WL chooses 1/10
    YES: everyone automatically WCs how great I am

    Well that was my forum. It would make clan wars work again. Please feel free to add your completely idiotic comments or better yet THINK. And don't add anything
  2. Oh also make pot purchase 5000. You can make it after BC or whatever but toooo much gold now to buy 500
  3. You are amazing and you right.
  4. How can I put 109
    Bazillion thx at your door? Your a smart guy
  5. Yes because I'm you
  6. Ha ha yes you are. But it's still nice to hear it
  7. Uh huh. little weird bro
  8. Out of the box ideas
    All for anything that makes War better.
    Big hurdle is doing a short trial for anything suggested but thats been asked by me many times on threads.

    IMO the War community tries but is always seen as not a sniff of help.
  9. Shush it's time for the mentally impaired to talk
  10. Tbh I wouldn't usually do this.but I'll give it a go to stop it closing. I'm relaxed. This way clans mean at least something.
  11. Completely off topic, but I find it ironic how your name is "Gold" yet you started a clan named "Silver" :lol:
  12. Oh my comment was a reply to SILVER mino whose not bright
  13. I support, because you're my sugar daddy and I love my clan. ️️️ nah in all honesty, I like the idea of the randomness it would give to wars. So high five!
  14. Night I was talking to SIlVER-MINO thx for your comments
  15. MINO started a clan called gold, but he is so OCD it bugged him that he didn't write it in all caps, so the drunk cow disband it only to find he couldn't make another gold clan. Sooooo it became SILVER.
  16. Support.

    I was told to support.
  17. So you don't support this? I'm confused.
  18. I'm laughing so hard. Gold. I love you
  19. She supports if she wants to avoid the back f my hand.
    And thx som, me too
  20. Somebody is drunk 