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  1. Sarcasm. Gibberish and profanity
  2. English, Spanish, French
  3. I am impressed three pages in and no one speaks unicorn
  4. English, Dutch, learning German & Spanish.
  5. Do programming languages count?
  6. American sign language and English
  7. Malay
    Mandarin ( I can speak cantonese a bit)

    Thats all that I pro in.
    And I know a little of other languages
  8. I can speak English and British Sign Language.... Not much help on her mind 
  9. English
    French (whatever minuscule amounts I remember from high school)
    Japanese (still working on this one)
    Troll :p
  10. I was waiting for this ^

    Also Grant it's odd that I speak the same languages.

    French (from school)
    Japanese (small amounts but want to learn more)
  11. Kezzer being a copy cat. Grant pick me. I know Spanish.

    Taco. Burrito. Churro. Pollo Ranchero. No. Radio.
  12. Imagine the entire human race become deaf-mute. What language would you still use?
    A bow, handshake, salute, an embrace, the sparkles in every eye, a smile, a simple touch, a light tap in the shoulder.
    We talk too much but care less of the simple gestures.
  13. Confirmed that Grant is a Weeaboo.
  14. The language of love
  15. Mexican, spanish, english and french.

    Yes, mexican is a language
  16. Two

    English & Python