KU v TS - The True Story of the osw that ended it all

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  1. The true story of the osw that ended it all.

    Chapter 1> War 6

    War 6 at Killers United was a wild animal.
    We were actively recruiting and had 2 new members join KU: Seprot & Angel Assassin (im abbreviating). I recruited both of them. I was approached by Seprot as Minas Morgul had a disagreement with them recently and they were looking for a new home.
    We had a wildly unfair matchup and ended up facing half a clan of guild hansels at POC.
    Note: Tips for winning EE wars under current system --- Either be huge CS or have tons of Guild Hansels. Anyone with monster BFE, should war as a guild Hansel as there is a huge disadvantage to the ladder.

    During the match against POC, there were a lot of things that were off. POC was fast almost too fast. Faster than we had ever seen a clan jump on people when xstals were called. Mini thought we had a spy in the clan. I wasn’t sure, but as a co-owner, I mistakenly backed his decision to kick a long time faithful member who had an alt GH in POC. In reality, POC just was flat out better in that war than we had ever seen them. Props to POC.

    At the end of war 6, alot of KU members (Mini and me included) were distraught. We had determined that the current EE matchup system is not a sustainable model. Minione was contemplating quitting the game but I talked him out of it over the phone.

    I preface this with, Seprot and Angel Assassin like to own each other and appear to be bf/gf (not confirmed).
    Seprot was hit right before roster lock by Queen as a Battle List attack
    Angel Assn then hit Queen in retaliation as the roster locked and Angel wasn't warring.

    --When it came to KU clan policy, I had no problem with people farming each other as long as they kept it to themselves and didn’t cause problems for the clan. Some of the best EE warriors are farmers (because it is effectively farming for 2 hrs). Looking back, it probably was not a good leadership choice, but it was what it was.

    Chapter 2> The morning after

    The dust settled from war. The clan was getting back into things.
    The morning after, Seprot woke to a ton of hits by Queen.
    Undead went to Seprot's aid. Angel had not hit after War 6. Then sometime around noon EST, more than just Queen started hitting Seprot. I told my clan to stay out of it and not hit anyone. Undead Revolution, being that he was originally from Minas Morgul also, felt it necessary to support his old clan mates against my warning. He went and hit Queen and a few other TS members. At this point, TS saw this as an act of osw and began all out farming KU. Even I lost 25bil, but that’s chump change in the grand scheme of things. I told everyone in KU to not hit TS, and was going to resolve the issue while I was at work.
    After kicking/asking to leave Angel, Seprot and Undead Revolution, KU had a decent chance to resolve the issue and prevent an osw with Apoc/TS. I have a lot of respect for them as they are well known for their osw successes.

    I texted minione, my co-owner, and told him to give me owner rights so that I could resolve the issue quickly and peacefully as it wasn’t a big issue at that time. He did not respond. Instead he posted arrogant remarks in cc that would have started an osw had TS seen them. I told him, if you head down this path again (after the issue with oG Alliance, due to his arrogance) I’m gone. -- He never replied to any of my texts or messages.
    Note: I was going out of my way, while at work at a client, to resolve this KU issue.

    After the owner of TS followed me back, I tried to resolve the situation. The first words out of his mouth were: “the hits won’t stop when your clan owner is so arrogant. We play for OSW and your owner has just given us a great reason to not stop”
    At this point, mini crossed a line with me. He had gone behind my back and talked with TS and mouthed off to them without consulting his co-owner or his clan.
    Mini tried to justify himself saying that KU has to defend itself and should not let osw clans push it around. This is a true statement, however, this was not a case. TS did not deliberately try to start an osw with KU. It could have been prevented.

    After I received that message from TS, I knew I was leaving KU as I could no longer support Minione. He had betrayed me as a co-owner and as a friend.
    After I left the clan, most of the clan followed me by leaving.

    Final Chapter of KU>
    Much thanks to all the members of Killers United for the good times. I will fight beside you again anytime for a good cause.

    To Mini> I have nothing but the utmost respect for you as a person and a warrior.
    I hope you learn a life lesson from this. Your co-owner… who thought he was a close friend of yours. I mean we talked strategy and life all the time on the phone. How could you go behind my back and cause an osw again? You have changed, my friend, and you need to wake up and smell the roses. Arrogance is not a quality that is sought out.

    To La Resistance> Yes, you get to tell me… I told you so.

    In Closing>
    It has become apparent to me that a co-owner clan structure is not a good long-term strategy. Heed my warning.
    Although I have had offers to join other clans and out of respect for my history at KU, I will not be joining another clan…. I will be starting a new clan as a new chapter in my kaw career. It will be an EE war clan with just me as owner. Still tossing around ideas on clan names, but follow/friend me if you would like to join me in this new chapter. (1M SSD will still be required and 1.5M SSD will be encouraged and eventually required for season 2)

    A flashback to the memories of the fun times at KU.
    I will miss you all! Good luck and God bless.

  2. If ur members had more sdt they wouldnt g down so fast… just sayin
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  4. Hope all the best for your new clan skip 
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    I basically read up to the part where you effectively said.

    'I am butt-to-the-hurt about Guild hansels."
  6. Good luck with your new clan Skippy! As I said before, you were a formidable EE opponent and I know you put a lot of time and effort into it. I look forward to coming up against your new clan 
  7. That was a long thread
  8. So you and mini broke up? 
  9. skip tell the truth if your gonna post stuff
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  11. Support to you skip.....
  12. "You want the truth?! You can't *handle* the truth!!"
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    Good luck with your clan skip. 
  14. Good Luck Skippy!
  15. I just wanna know why clan owner would quit over 1 war.
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    I new it would come to this.
    Either you or mini causing an osw and the other leaving.
    called it from the get go
  17. Wow. Support to YOUR new clan.
  18. No-one actually gives a **** about the reason for OSW. OSW is OSW. And zeroed is zeroed. 