KraWnicles of a distant land V1.

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  1. Hi! so a while back I started this then forgot about it, so Imma restart it.
    Enjoy. :D


    It was my first year as king, my land wasn't too big and I was quite skeptical about anything besides Bacon and Power. so when a scout came back one stormy night and reported that "Giant boars were hoarding something big!!!" I was Hella excited. I Immediately asked how big the boar was! (Bigger the boar, the better the bacon) he said it was at LEAST three times as big as a normal pig. Then I went to bed with pictures of bacon stuck in my head.
    The next morning I called for my best scouts, assassins and thief's and sent them out to get me some bacon and report on what kind of loot the boar brigade was hiding. The result was good. I got my bacon and boar hide. We also figured out that their leader was the biggest, meanest, and most delicious boar ever. Calydor, and he was hiding a vault filler to the brim with Gold coins, amulets, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and rumor had it a seal so rare that no man that had seen it had lived to tell the tale, one that only powerful empires could behold.In my mind I thought about this and planned how I would take down this bacon, uh, I mean boar brigade....

    To be continued.
  2. What the hell is this
  3. Cover of night

    After a few days, I had a nightmare about living bacon that slaughtered me, normally not a good thing, so I decided that it was time for me to infiltrate the boar brigade. My bacon supply was running low anyway. I got some assassins to train me in the ways of the ninja or whatever they call it, after about three days I decided that It could wait no more. so I got theifs for some fallen gold or something, anything really, I also sent out scouts ahead of us to collect data on how they were set up. later when they came back they reported a hell of a lot of guards, so me and some assassins went out, got some bacon and boar hide, and a horn for no apparent reason...cuz why not? Then we all snuck in, immediately I realized something. I needed keys. A. lot. of. keys. Like, every door in the whole place was locked. I knew this wouldn't go unnoticed but against my better judgement we killed even MORE boards, got even MORE bacon, and even MORE Hide, and like, every key to the whole damn place. After searching for 3 hours, we unlocked the vault, we went inside with hopes high..we looked around...and..
    There appears to be nothing of interest in here."
    "NO, REALLY?!"
    "Get out of my sights you idiot."
    "Y-yes sir!"
    "Wait, before you go, take everything here, search every corner, leave nothing Un-turned."
    "Anything for you, highness"
    "and one other thing..."
    "Yes highness?"
    "..If nothing is found...KILL those useless scouts."
    "Yes sir!"
    I couldn't believe it, I WOULDN'T believe it, there was NOTHING except a tall pillar with something that looked like a door, then I realized something, we had used all but one key, I took out the key and was about to put it in the door when I heard a scream.
    Without further ado, A whirled around, saw a boar so massive that It had to be Calydor or I wasn't a king. So I did what any man in my place would have done: Scream like a little girl and run for my life.

    To be continued in Kingdom assault.
  4. Ur cover of night story is the the one for to the chamber... Js

    But otherwise sounds good keep going lol
    Nice read while waiting for regen
  5. This is very bad. Very bad. Please just stop writing.

  6. Instead of that lamb, it should be this thing instead

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