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  1. Yeah. At the end, what is the point of this? To tell the world they made a successful strip? Or that they got a scary bank? Or that you're not mad, just sad cause all your time spent to build up your allies is gone with a blink of an eye.
    Cheer up op, its a game. I somehow know you feel, but now move on.
  2. Strips are part if the game

    Says the gang of 500 vs the one. Lol

    i got more respect for the lone battle list farmer than the cowerdish "flash mob" gangs.
  3. I always support this guy. He's my arch-nemesis though...
  4. Good thing nobody cares what you respect or don't respect right?
  5. You cared enough to respond.
  6. And you have the logic of a child.
  7. You challenge me to find a kotfe member unwilling to fight 1v1... Challenge accepted.


    That is the extent of my interaction with the SE member. Apparently it warranted getting the entire alliance to strip me of 8.5 tril, and pull 10,000 steals in one night.

    Real tough guys over there 
  8. Well that was the extent of ONE interaction keep plugging away. You may find some sympathy somewhere.........maybe.....probably not
  9. That was the extent of all interactions. Never hit him again. Never heard from him again.
  10. Bye bye 
  11. noted
  12. I alway thought strips got caught , bravo on that one, next time have an ally bomb but reading what you wrote you wouldn't blow it. Lesson learned for next time....NEXT
  13. No OSW to follow this or clan to back you up OP?
  14. Fight me please, i'll take on all of you together
  15. Seems cannon got butthurt after a few hits in a PvP event, the irony. So butthurt that he called a strip?? Lmao!!
  16. If this was the reason for a 8 and a half trill strip - extremely harsh. Esp giving it was a pvp event, shouldn't we be encouraging players to get involved with it? This is the sort of thing that puts players off unless ofcourse there was a more appropriate reason. If not - just bullying.
  17. you sound so scared to be a buthurt victim you just created that account so you could post that comment.

    or you're a little *****.
  18. Lmao nah, im not as butthurt as cannon after getting hit a few times
  19. ah, just a little ***** then.

    well, i was close atleast.
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